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Grifo DVEP20IR - Stainless steel electric destemmer with pump and rollers

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ID: K608147

EAN: 80 15301012111


Grifo DVEP20IR - Stainless steel electric destemmer with pump and rollers
Max. hourly output
2000 Kg/h
Motor type
Nominal power
2 HP
Hopper opening size
87 x 50 cm
Fittings diameter
60 mm
Garolla fitting
Opening Frame
Stainless steel
Stainless steel sieve
Transmission protective cover
Stainless steel
Pair of rollers
Yes, in rubber
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Grape crusher
Opening Frame:
With wheeled frame and pump
Operating mode:
Electric 230 V
230 V Electric:
Hopper opening size:
87 x 50 cm
Max. hourly output:
2000 Kg/h
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Nominal power:
2 HP
Power supply:
Pump data
Stainless steel
Fittings diameter:
60 mm
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Seitenkette und Riemen
Transmission protective cover:
Stainless steel
Gear material:
High-density Teflon
CE-compliant safety switch:
Electric start button:
Auger on the upper hopper:
Pair of rollers:
Yes, in rubber
Stainless steel sieve:
Free gifts/extra features
Garolla fitting:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
110x72x90 cm
Net weight:
70 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
120x79x105 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
90 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
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€ 2.090,49
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Grifo DVEP20IR electric destemmer with pump and rollers

Grifo 's professional destemmer with opening tank, model DVEP20IR, is designed to offer good performance in the wine industry, while maintaining constant efficiency over time.

High Production Capacity: This model is capable of producing around 2,000 kg/h, distinguished by its high efficiency and ability to handle demanding workloads.

Robust construction: Made entirely of stainless steel, this destemmer guarantees high durability and strength, keeping its performance intact over time

Spacious cargo tank: The large, well-designed loading trough greatly simplifies loading operations, making it easier to tip crates.

Efficient Separation of Grapes and Stalk: Thanks to the destemming system with stainless steel shaft and grid, this model ensures precise separation of the grapes from the stalks, guaranteeing the quality of the wine making process.

High-quality pump: The must is pumped to the barrel through a generously sized stainless steel pump, ensuring a constant flow.

Powerful Electric Motor and Versatile Mechanisms: The destemmer is equipped with an electric motor that guarantees optimal and reliable performance. The lateral transmission, with belts and chains, feeds various mechanisms, including the upper auger, the destemming shaft and the lower auger for dragging the crushed grapes, ensuring efficient process management.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance: The removable grill and the folding opening are designed for easy and thorough cleaning, greatly simplifying the operation. The design of the model requires constant but simple maintenance.

Upper tank

The hopper is an essential component of this machine, playing a crucial role in the destemming process.

This width (87 x 50 cm) makes it easier to use, facilitating the tipping of grape crates into it, reducing the risk of overflowing bunches outside.

Detail of the screw convey or that gently and efficiently receives the grapes in the lower part of the machine

Pre-processing rollers performing the first crushing.

Pre-processing rollers

The destemmer is equipped with a pair of counter-rotating pre-processing rollers. They carry out an initial processing of the grape berries, performing an ‘initial crushing’ action that generates small cracks that facilitate the outflow of the first must.

But the great innovation that makes this semi-centrifugal destemmer unique is that the rollers are made of food-grade solid rubber, and not plastic or aluminium like other solutions on the market. The rigidity of plastic or aluminium rollers tends to break the grapes more, with the risk of higher final acidity of the wine.

2 Hp electric motor

2 Hp electric induction engines, which allows all the various mechanisms to be operated with a greater power margin than the destemmer actually absorbs in all its functions.

Equipped with a red STOP emergency buttoncompliant with CE safety regulations

Engine specifications:

Motor power: 2 Hp

Motor Speed: 1400 rpm

Electric voltage and frequency: 230 V - 50 Hz

Pump head: 4 m

Pump diameter: 60 mm

Side chain and belt drive

The side chain drive transmits the rotary motion from the motor to:

- the upper screw conveyor
- The intermediate rotor
- The pre-processing rollers
- The lower drive screw to the pump
- The pump

Side protecting carter, made of Stainless steel.

The belt drive has the advantage of making a slight friction effect in the event of a blockage in the machine itself.

Detail of the gear drive to the pre-machining rollers.

This model only mounts high-density nylon gears.

Two-component frame

This centrifugal destemmer is equipped with a two-component frame that can be opened in an instant by means of the special closing hook.


- it can be inspected immediately during use (to intervene in the event of any blockages, to remove foreign bodies that may have accidentally entered the machine)

- higher level of hygiene, allowing thorough cleaning and washing of the machine before and after destemming.

Detail of the opening catch

Details of the hinges.

Screen made of stainless steel

The sieve can be removed with extreme ease for cleaning operations, thanks to the guides that also act as protection for the sieve itself.

Detail of the rotor with steel paddles which carries out the destemming process (by pressing the grapes onto the sieve).

Upper stainless steel sieve attachment detail. It is equipped at the bottom with the two guides on which the sieve is fixed and on which it slides when removed. This platform, as well as acting as a solid support for the sieve, closes it at the top, ensuring that all the grape bunches that enter the sieve are perfectly processed, remaining well concentrated inside the sieve and consequently pushed towards it by the rotating vane rotor.

Other features

Top-quality, large-size pump made of STAINLESS STEEL, suitable for pumping all grapes and must to the vat.

Detail of the pump fitted with a gasketed garolla connection.

Large wheels to allow easy motion and transport

Transporting handle

Free items & Standard equipment

Upper Plate for GRIFO Destemmers

Compatible with Grifo DVEP20 and DVEP20I destemmers.

Designed to have an excellent grip on any machine in order to prevent accidents during machine operation.

Easy to use. Just place it on the machine's hopper edge.

It is shipped disassembled in its original packaging with fasteners.


The product is shipped in its original packaging with the instructions manual..

Included is the garolla fitting with gasket

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