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GeoTech TG1000i Silent Inverter Generator with 0.9 kW single-phase output power

Generator type
Electric Current
Power in emergency service
1 Kw
Inverter technology
Motor brand
other brands
Rated output
1.7 HP
Battery charger
Free items: 2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
Free items: 2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
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ID: K4632

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MPN: 4632

Geotech Pro Line TG1000i Silent Inverter Generator

Inverter technology:

The inverter generator we are focusing on is able to produce electric power at a constant and convenient voltage and frequency thanks to a power converter used to adapt any input voltage to a different output voltage without being related to sudden changes in load and to the engine speed.

Compared to all the standard generators, this model features a number of specific characteristics as the use of a permanent magnet generator and an engine revolutions control device based on its effective power. These main features allow considerably reducing fuel consumptions, running costs and avoiding noise emissions in case of low or medium loads.

Main applications:

The high quality and reliability of the electric power generated through the use of the system mentioned above make it a very flexible generator, suitable for many applications. Indeed, it is easy understandable how this generator is usually used for electronic equipment like TVs, for powering computers, battery charging and for each kind of electronic device particularly sensitive to voltage and frequency changes.

WARNING: all these models of generators that do not belong to the PROFESSIONAL series (considering the product level evaluation used by our website) are not intended for more than 3-4 hours continuous work in order not to reduce the alternator durability as well as that of one of the other machine components due to the unit overheating or wear. As regards a home or intensive use of these generators, it is important to follow the indications mentioned above. In all these conditions, we highly recommend focusing the attention on the purchase of generators renowned as PROFESSIONAL by the product level classification made in our website.

Technical features

Max power output: 1.0 KVA

Max rated output: 1.0 KVA

Continuous output (COP): 0.9 KW

This last feature represents the technical data to take into account as effective according to the generator capacity to produce electric power (since it ensures a constant average output voltage and it allows the generator running for an unlimited period).

Voltage: 230 V

Operating frequency: 50 Hz

Petrol tank capacity: 2.7 L

Oil tank capacity: 0.5 L

Running time (at 100% load): 4 hours

Weight: 14 kg

Sound intensity: 59 dB[A]/7m

Engine and silencer

Engine type: 4-stroke petrol engine

Rated output: 1.7 hp

Petrol tank capacity: 2.7 L

Oil tank capacity: 0.5 L

Cooling method: air cooling

Engine start: recoil starter

WARNING: the engine does not provide oil (please, ensure to fill the tank with oil specific for 4-stroke engines before starting it).

A 4-stroke petrol engine show a higher number of positive aspects compared to the standard 2-stroke motors. It is possible to describe them as follows:

  • Higher reliability;
  • Longer durability over time;
  • Far easier to use engine (especially when it has been sitting unused for a long time);
  • Lower problems related to the fuel preparation and to preserve its quality keeping it fresher longer;
  • Considerably reduced fuel consumptions;
  • Low maintenance requirements.

Silent generator:

The engine exhaust noise is controlled through the use of silencers, which allow decreasing the amount of noise emitted, providing high performance evaluation for all the generator applications in public and private areas like camping, open markets, row houses, apartment buildings, mansion hauses, caravans and for all those applications requiring silent electricity generators.

Sound intensity: 58 dB[A]/7m

Control panel

Smart-Throttle push button:

Whenever there are no electric appliances connected to the generator or they are turned off, the generator does not provide energy and power consumptions because it works in fuel saver mode. This device is specifically used in order to considerably reduce fuel consumptions and to ensure low noise running when there is no load connected to the generator. On the opposite side, whether it is restored the energy consumptions by connecting or turning on the electrical supplies, our generator automatically establishes its proper running speed in order to ensure constant average output voltage and to generate the proper amount of electricity. * This solution can just be used by generating 220 v power outputs (it cannot work with battery chargers).

Warning lamps:

- Current flow: its starting comes immediately after the power switch has been turned on (it normally provides the green light on).

- Overload signal: a common problem is that a generator can be overloaded, there can be power quality problems resulting in malfunction and equipment failure or in case of short-circuits of one of the appliance powered by the generator: on this occasion, the machine consists of a red light that comes on as a overload sensor. The generator stops powering the operating loads letting the green light turning off in a very short time. To solve the problem, it is necessary shutting the engine off trying to find out the reason why the generator is not able to produce enough power due to its overload conditions.

- Engine oil warning system: it has been specifically designed to avoid damaging the engine when the oil level drops too low. Whenever the engine is not running properly, the red oil warning light comes on before the oil drops below the safety level. On this occasion, the oil warning system immediately stops the engine. * Warning: the engine does not provide oil.

Power outlets:

- 1 Schuko power outlet CE with 220 volts power supply.

- 1 Power outlet for battery charger: each battery charger is used to force electric current into a secondary cell. It consists of a overload circuit, which eventually activates the safety device (to protect the battery from overload). Whereas it happens, it has to be pushed the reset button (on the side).

Additional features

Filler cap with air valve (it has to be opened during the start-up phase and closed for the generator storage).

Air lever for the engine cold start

Spark plug access panel

Pull start handle

Fuel valve

Handle to move and transport the generator

How To Select The Correct Power Rating Of The Generator

As regards the power needed referring to the use you will make of your generator, here below an extremely useful table to guide you among consumptions, starting coefficient and watt. Firstly, the highest-quality method is to identify which are the electric appliances we need to power with the generator and then perform a simple calculation to identify the necessary power that the generator must supply, as explained below.

Power required = Electric appliance consumption X Breakaway starting coefficient

The starting coefficient represents a fundamental feature for all the electric equipment as it indicates how much the consumption of the electric appliance increases. Therefore, it allows to concretely determine how many WATTs are necessary during the start-up operations.

Example: Air compressor ( 1500 Watt ) X Starting coefficient ( 2 ) = 3000 Watt

Hence, it is important to address your choice on a generator featuring equal or higher WATT-rated electric power than the result obtained from the calculation made.

( * ) Check the consumption of the electric appliance on the operator’s use and maintenance manual or on the plate attached to the machine.

WARNING! Purely indicative table. Thanks to the formula indicated above you can easily calculate the electric power that the generator has to supply in order and connect to the generator specific electric appliances and select the model of generator which best suits your needs. We remind you that to operate electric equipment (computers, TVs and all the other electric appliances provided with electronic card) you need to focus the attention on inverter generators (which allows stabilizing the electric current supplied).

Inverter Generator – Warnings And Range Of Application

  • This inverter generator is provided with ELECTRONIC CARD, which allows stabilizing the electric power supplied, producing an almost perfectly shaped electric wave.

    This makes the generator particularly suitable for different applications, but also unsuitable for others.

    RANGE OF APPLICATION, some examples: it allows powering all types of electronic equipment (as they are equipped with electronic card, consequently requiring stable electric current to avoid the risk of damaging these cards). It is also intended to ensure electric power to electric household appliances, kitchen appliances as well as leisure time equipment (appliances used on motor homes, boats, etc.).

    The generator is NOT SUITABLE FOR powering construction and workshop equipment, DIY equipment, welding machines and other appliances that are equipped with brush motors (they may cause electric power surges back to the unit in case of wear of the brushes damaging the generator electronic card). Inverter generators are not suitable for all the appliances listed above that are typically construction equipment applied on crafts or building sectors. In this case, you’ll need to address your choice on standard generators, which are not provided with inverter electronic card, but the ones featuring standard alternators with heavy-duty stator and rotor, which are specifically intended to power these appliances.

    We remind that the inverter generator is NOT intended for PROFESSIONAL use. It means that it is exclusively designed for occasional use (infrequent use of the unit). The working hours must not exceed 3-4 of continuous running (which may lead to the alternator overheating or wear, especially to its internal components: alternator stator and rotor). Whether you’re looking for a generator for intensive use (once a week, for instance), the operator should address the choice to a different type generator specifically designed for a more intensive use. Indeed, you should focus the attention on PROFESSIONAL or even INDUSTRIAL quality-level generator.

    The generator is not designed to be installed in photovoltaic or solar energy systems for energy production nor for the recharging or maintenance of batteries of these specific or other electric systems. Indeed, it may damage seriously the generator on its internal components (alternator, engine and electrical component). Each photovoltaic system requires a generator for INDUSTRIAL use (not for domestic use as this present model), specifically designed and manufactured for this purpose. WE DO NOT PROVIDE WARRANTY on generators connected to photovoltaic systems, as this entails an IMPROPER USE OF THE UNIT.

Product Features
Geotech TG1000i
Generator type:
Electric Current:
Stabilised generator:
Single-phase power supply 220 Volts:
50 hz
Inverter Card:
Power in emergency service:
1 Kw
Electric start:
Made in Italy alternator:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Number of pistons:
Rated output:
1.7 HP
Tank capacity:
2.7 L
Running time:
4 h
Noise level:
59 dB(A)/7m
Manufacturing Country:
Inverter technology:
Battery charger:
Shuko power outlet:
Recoil Starter (cord):
Free gifts/extra features
Free engine oil bottles :
Shuko + Euro power outlets:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
45x40x25 cm
Net weight:
15.5 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
46x42x28 cm
Assembly time:

Free gifts

No. 2 oil bottles for 4-stroke engines

Extra features

Free gifts that are sent to you together with the generator included in the price:

Spark plug wrench and turnscrew; oil feeder; cables 12 V; schuko outlet.

Original certification and instructions manual included in the package.

The generator is sent to you in its original packaging.