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GeoTech-Pro WS102RS - Tractor-mounted wood chipper - With hydraulically controlled drag rollers

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GeoTech-Pro WS102RS - Tractor-mounted wood chipper - With hydraulically controlled drag rollers
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Operating mode
Tractor-driven PTO
Tractor power
From 30 to 60 HP
Cutting Rotor Type
No. of blades
Max. Branch Diameter
254 mm
Wood Chip size
3 - 4 cm
N° of hoppers
Safety button
Upper discharge system
Discharge chute rotation
Independent Oil Tank
No. of rollers
Roller drive type
Cardan shaft
Product Features
Operating mode:
Tractor-driven PTO
Independent Oil Tank :
Hydraulic self-dragging:
Self-feeding roller system:
Anti-jam system:
Discharge chute:
High - rotating
N° of hoppers :
Hopper opening size (height):
66 cm
Hopper opening size (width):
70 cm
Electric start:
3-point hitch category:
Min. power:
30 Hp
Max. power:
60 HP
Tractor power:
From 30 to 60 HP
No. of rollers:
Safety button:
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Roller drive type:
Cutting data
Body material:
Enamelled steel
Max. Branch Diameter:
254 mm
Cutting Rotor Type:
No. of blades:
Blade movement:
Counter blades:
Wood Chip size:
3 - 4 cm
Discharge chute rotation:
Front handle:
Free gifts/extra features
Cardan shaft:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Net weight:
760 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Gross weight (packaging included) :
796 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
90 minutes
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GeoTech Pro tractor-mounted shredder model WS102RS

The GeoTech Pro WS102RS is a professional wood chipper, ideal for shredding branches, leaves and pruning. Perfect for handling large quantities of plant material, it can be used in gardens and vegetable gardens. The device is capable of shredding branches up to 254 mm in diameter and semi-finished products up to 310 mm.

Equipped with a large loading opening (660X700 mm), it facilitates the insertion of branched material.

The model has a 290° swivel discharge port, located over two metres high, for easy discharge of shredded materials into different types of containers.

The hopper measures 254x360 mm. The rotor is equipped with four interchangeable hardened double blades and a counter-blade, ensuring high and durable performance.

Ideal for those looking for an efficient and reliable solution for maintaining green spaces.

This shredder is easily connected to the tractor via a 3-point hitch (2nd category) and a power take-off. Its efficiency is ensured by two toothed rollers with automatic drive, driven by an oil-hydraulic pump, which accelerate the loading process.

Warning: Like all wood chippers and garden shredders, it is not suited for shredding grass, leaves, pine needles, etc. (it is intended to shred branches, but it can also grind leaves, needles and others)

Garden shredders intended use:
- The wood chipper must grind only green branches and not dried ones (which would limit its shredding capacity and lead to quick deterioration of the blades);
- The branches must be preferably long, smooth and not knobby (otherwise the cutting diameter would be reduced);
- The branch cutting diameter indicated is the maximum, so it is advised not to shred larger branches. In this case, it would be better to purchase a shredder with a larger branch cutting diameter;
- The cutting diameter can vary according to the amounts of wood (e.g: oak, olive, plum and peach are hardwood and can reduce the cutting capacity of the wood chipper);

Independent hydraulic system

Unlike most tractor-mounted garden shredders, this machine is equipped with a completely independent hydraulic system, which consists of:

  • Hydraulic pump (mounted on the rear part of the rotor, on the PTO hollow shaft, which then engages both the rotor and the pump).
  • Roller opening regulator
  • Hydraulic oil tank 20 l(which feeds all the hydraulic system)
  • Electric Valve + transmission oil hoses.
  • 2 hydraulic motors operated by the hydraulic pump (it converts the oil flow from the pump into a rotary motion that drives the 2 self-feeding rollers).

Therefore, this garden shredder requires simply attaching it to the tractor 3-point hitch and mounting the Cardan shaft, which will drive both the rotor and the self-driving hydraulic system.

This garden shredder is not fitted with any hydraulic hose to connect to the tractor. It can therefore be safely connected to older tractors which are not equipped with a hydraulic pump.

Focus on the self-feeding rollers

Central rotor and shredding chamber

The cutting system consists of:
No. 4 large blades, mounted on a swivelling steel plate placed at the end of the hopper.

The rotor has the following characteristics:

  • Diameter: 94 cm
  • Weight 190 Kg

Equipped with large and sturdy shredding chamber. It features a rounded shape that ensures great productivity and long durability of the cutting system. Detail of the flap opening system.

The counter-blade is mounted directly on the outer side of the shredding chamber.

Attention: Before starting the machine, make sure to adjust the counter-blade using the adjusting bolts to prevent damage to the rotor.

Unified hopper with self-feeding rollers

The steel hopper is large, with a dimension of 254x360 mm

The machine is equipped with two toothed rollers mounted on an effective spring system, for the automatic dragging of the twigs.

Everything is managed by a hydraulic pump controlled by a simple numbered regulator to adjust the speed: therefore, depending on the thickness of the pieces to be shredded, it is sufficient to adjust the rotation speed to optimise the cut. This unit is protected by a metal cover.

This system makes it possible to greatly simplify and speed up the operations.

The wood chipper is equipped with anti-clogging system: In the event that the rotor comes under strain or locks during shredding, the lever on the loading hopper must be operated. This lever in fact acts on the hydraulic valves that control the motor and reverses the direction of rotation of the rotor itself, unlocking it.

The control bar adjusts the movement of the feed rollers in the following ways:

1) Forward Mode
2) Stop Mode
3) Reverse Mode

Foldable hopper for easier transport

The machine is able to process even very bulky branches and leaves, without having to pre-shred them.

Thus, it also features a higher capacity that allows entering a large amount of material at a time.

Here below the main features of this wood chipper:

- Self-feeding rollers engagement
- Safety stop system
- Reverse function for removing clogs.


The machine is equipped with 2 safety buttons, once placed above the hopper opening and one on the hopper left side!

Attention: The rollers control hydraulic system comes empty. Fill the tank before starting the unit. Make sure to leave 2-3 cm of air from the top of the tank. Do not fill completely.

360° rotating discharge chute

The GeoTech Pro WS102RS is distinguished by its innovative exhaust chimney, a key element in its practicality and functionality. This chimney, rotating at 290° and approximately 284 cm high, allows the shredded material to be discharged directly into the desired containers, making work quicker and less tiring.

The easy adjustment of the chimney is another remarkable feature. Thanks to an intuitive lever, users can simply press and rotate the chimney to the optimal position for each specific need. This degree of customisation ensures that work can be done efficiently in any situation.

In addition, the discharge angle is easily adjustable via a precision toothed lever. This lever allows the discharge angle to be changed very easily, thus ensuring that the shredded materials are always directed in the most appropriate way.

Once set, the tilt remains stable thanks to a spring that returns the lever to its position, keeping the angle constant during use.

General features

Detail of the protective rubber bulkheads at the hopper inlet.

Tractor PTO that allows operating the wood chipper.

PTO speed 540-1000 rpm.

Detail of the robust 3-point hitch (2nd category)

Detail of the spring system and control bar levers.

The standard-supplied Cardan shaft is equipped with safety bolt.

The shear bolt torque limiter makes it possible, in the event of unexpected or excessive stresses and torques, to avoid damage to the mechanical parts of the operating machine in use.
In fact, when the torque exceeds the power that the bolt can withstand, it shears off and the transmitted power is reduced to zero.
To restore the transmission afterwards, it must be replaced with one of the same strengths, diameter, thread and length.

The wood chipper is equipped with an additional support under the hopper to stabilise the machine.

The hopper can be opened quickly by turning it on two hinges for quick access to the rotor in the event of a jam.

Detail of the screw tensioner

Detail of the 7-pin connector

Detail of control panel with emergency stop button

Attention: Check the machine only when switched off.
Carefully read the instructions manual before starting the unit.

Free items & Standard equipment


Machine hydraulic oil for free.

Free items included

The machine is shipped on a pallet.

Cardan shaft T06x1000mm with safety bolt included.

Instruction and assembly booklet.

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