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GeoTech-Pro PCS70BS - Professional petrol garden shredder - B&S 950 engine

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GeoTech-Pro PCS70BS - Professional petrol garden shredder - B&S 950 engine
+1000 sold
2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
Motor type
Motor brand
Motor Model
950 series
Cubic capacity
208 cm³
Nominal power
7 HP
Cutting Rotor Type
Heavy roller
No. of blades
Max. Branch Diameter
65 mm
Wood Chip size
4 - 5 cm
N° of hoppers
Safety Lever
Discharge chute rotation
Transmission type
Product Features
Operating mode:
Spark ignition
Hydraulic self-dragging:
Discharge chute:
Medium - rotating
N° of hoppers :
Hopper opening size (height):
38 cm
Hopper opening size (width):
45 cm
Electric start:
Safety Lever:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor brand:
Motor Model:
950 series
Motor type:
Cubic capacity:
208 cm³
No. of cylinders:
Nominal power:
7 HP
Rated power (HP):
5.79 HP
Power supply:
Overhead valve OHV
Engine lubrication system:
Oil bath
Decompression system:
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Cutting data
Body material:
Hardened steel
Max. Branch Diameter:
65 mm
Cutting Rotor Type:
Heavy roller
No. of blades:
Blade movement:
Counter blades:
Wood Chip size:
4 - 5 cm
Discharge chute rotation:
Recoil start system (with rope):
Front handle:
Rear wheels size:
4.10/3.5 - 4"
Start safety sensor:
Free gifts/extra features
Engine oil bottle for free:
Spark plug wrench:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
170x60x107 cm
Net weight:
85 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
88x57x83 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
100 Kg
Assembly time:
30 minutes
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GeoTech PCS 70 BS garden shredder

GeoTech Pro PCS 70 BS overview:

PCS: Professional Chipper Shredder, heavy-duty wood chipper

70: engine nominal power, 7.0 Hp (rated power, lower)

BS: Briggs & Stratton, stands for the engine brand.

The GeoTech Pro PCS 70 BS wood chipper is specifically designed for shredding operations on medium-sized branches. Ideal for all those who need to maintain green spaces and who need to quickly remove and grind biodegradable waste from the ground.

The PCS 70 model is equipped with electric safety devices in compliance with the CE standards.

Major strengths of this machine:

  • Sturdiness thanks to the system with steel rotor.
  • Cutting diameter (it allows easily shredding up to 65 mm diameter branches, while standard shredders featuring the same power can cut branches up to max. 50/60 mm ) - However, large-diameter branches with more than 50 mm diameter have to be entered in the hopper slowly.
  • Exceptional working capacity, it can carry out intense and demanding operations even when constantly grinding large diameter wood.
  • High hourly output, over the standard petrol wood chippers consisting of rotor with blades and hammers (it can reach 2.5/4 mc/h).

Limitations: the final size of the wood chips is larger than average due to the lack of centrifugal hammers. These wood chippers are specifically intended for shredding medium and large-sized diameter branches (according to the max. cutting diameter indicated on each model). They are not suitable for small leaves and green material and small diameter branches.


Warning: Like all wood chippers and garden shredders, it is not suited for shredding grass, leaves, pine needles, etc. (it is intended to shred branches, but it can also grind leaves, needles and others)

Garden shredders intended use:
- The wood chipper must grind only green branches and not dried ones (which would limit its shredding capacity and lead to quick deterioration of the blades);
- The branches must be preferably long, smooth and not knobby (otherwise the cutting diameter would be reduced);
- The branch cutting diameter indicated is the maximum, so it is advised not to shred larger branches. In this case it would be better to purchase a shredder with a larger branch cutting diameter;
- The cutting diameter can vary according to the amounts of wood (e.g: oak, olive, plum and peach are hardwood and can reduce the cutting capacity of the wood chipper);

Briggs&Stratton 950 series engine


Engine model and brand: Briggs&Stratton 950 series
Engine type: 4-Stroke, single cylinder - OHV
Cylinder type: aluminium
Cubic capacity: 208 cc
Starting: Recoil start

Focus on the engine control and adjustments panel.

This garden shredder, like all petrol shredders with roller rotor, must be strictly used at max. engine speed; the shredding rotor is large and must reach the max. speed to ensure high results by harnessing its centrifugal force.

WARNING: operating it at less than full speed can lead to several problems and the wood chipper won’t be able to shred large branches ensuring high quality performance.
- Slowdown or engine shut-down during use;
- quick worn of drive belts between motor and rotor;
- damage to the centrifugal clutch which does not fully expand if the engine is not at maximum speed, leading the engine to wear out and irreparably damaging it;

Nominal power: 7 Hp
The correct term would be "Commercial” Power, meaning the standard definition used until a few years ago by all well-known engine manufacturers.

* This technical feature is the one indicated in the main sales channels, even if it is higher than the real power of the engine.
Rated power: 6.51 Hp
It refers to the real power of the engine. This is the power indicated as official in the engine instructions manual.

* This technical feature may vary from a an engine model to another according to the rotation speed provided by the manufacturer.

Please carefully read the instructions manual before starting the unit.

The machine is provided with centrifugal clutch. It is important to let the engine running at high speed in order to ensure a proper functioning.

Belt drive

It is the only machine of its category with intermediate 2-belt drive transmission

. This feature gives high sturdiness to the unit, protecting both the engine and all the shredding system from every possible internal hit or kickback.

Higher durability over time compared to the standard system of all the manufacturers of petrol-powered machineries, as the transmission is directly connected to the shredding cutting system.

Unified hopper

UNIFIED: considerably simplifies and speeds up the work.

Focus on the garden shredder with dual hopper.

The single hopper avoids the Operator to separate large branches from smaller and green ones (before shredding), while each of them must be entered in their own hopper in standard garden shredders with 2 separate hoppers.

SELF-FEEDING: Once introduced the branches into the hopper, the shredder draws them inside the shredding chamber autonomously.

SAFETY DEVICE: it is possible to use the device placed around the hopper . In case of emergency, slightly push the device with your hand to immediately stop the machine.

Shredding system with 2 blades and counter-blade

Large and highly-thick 2 shredding blades mounted on a steel spinning rotor.

The dual blade system also includes a counter-blade placed in the shredding chamber.

This ensures high-quality wood chips with a hourly output varying from 2.5 to 4 mc/h.

Focus on the the counter-blade adjustment: the counter-blade is tilted with respect to the frame and rotor rotation direction for increasing the wood chipper shredding capacity and performance.

All roller shredders like this one allow high performance by entering leafless and cleaned branches (not thick and with too twigs);
they are ideal for quite large branches and not for many thin or green branches featuring many twigs; this is because the roller system is technically unsuitable for grinding small diameters branches, or green material in general, while they really give their best with larger branches.
This is due to their less "centrifugal" power compared to standard disc and blade models, and to the "greater distance between blade and counter-blade", designed for single branches that are already well cleaned but with a large diameter.

Main features

Adjustable discharge chute, 1.5 m from the ground, equipped with adjustable-tilting deflector .

It allows discharging the wood chips directly into a box.

Further to the deflector tilt, it is also possible to adjust the discharge chute: indeed it can rotate and simply adjusted either to right or left by manually loosening or tightening the proper knobs.

Thefront support stand is very large and provides stability to the machine. This allows distributing the weight over a greater surface area, thus preventing the garden shredder sinking into soft grounds.

The GeoTech PCS70 BS shredder is equipped with dual grip to facilitate moving operations.

The wood chipper is also provided with 2 large pneumatic wheels 4.10/3.5-4 that ensure easy transport.

Free items & Standard equipment


TWO oil bottles for 4-stroke engines

Standard equipment

The wood chipper is shipped in its original wooden packaging on pallet

Operation and maintenance instructions manual

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