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GeoTech-Pro BHS 225 - Backhoe for tractor with lateral movement

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ID: 111871

EAN: 8053435095143


GeoTech-Pro BHS 225 - Backhoe for tractor with lateral movement
Body material
Tractor power
From 45 to 80 HP
Independent Oil Tank
Bucket width
40 cm
Lateral displacement length
90 cm
Digging force
1100 Kg
Indipendent stabiliser
Stabiliser length
52 cm
180° arm rotation
391 cm
Excavation depth
225 cm
Maximum height
310 cm
Arm piston diameter
70 mm
Cardan shaft
Product Features
BHS 225
Tractor power:
From 45 to 80 HP
Body material:
Hydraulic shift:
Independent Oil Tank :
3-point hitch category:
First and Second
Manufacturing country:
Bucket width:
40 cm
Lateral displacement length:
90 cm
Digging force:
1100 Kg
Indipendent stabiliser:
Stabiliser length:
52 cm
180° arm rotation:
391 cm
Excavation depth:
225 cm
Maximum height:
310 cm
Arm piston diameter:
70 mm
Free gifts/extra features
Cardan shaft:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
190x165x210 cm
Net weight:
840 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
170x115x220 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
870 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
60 minutes
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Backhoe GeoTech-Pro BHS 225

The BHS 225 backhoe from the Geotech Pro series is a multipurpose attachment ideal for a variety of digging operations. It is fully equipped to carry out transplanting work, create drainage systems, arrange terrain steps, remove stones and debris from the ground, and clean ditches and watercourses.

In addition, it proves extremely effective for different types of excavation, adapting to a variety of soil requirements.

The ability to move sideways on the chassis makes the machine very dynamic, allowing it to move without the continuous use of the tractor.

Its versatility is further enhanced by the autonomous hydraulic system, which ensures optimum performance and operational independence.

Fitting tractors with a minimum power output of 45 horsepower, the BHS 225 is compatible with all types of tractors, making it a versatile and indispensable addition to farm equipment.

The section arm can rotate up to 180°, ensuring excellent mobility.

The main joints are equipped with hardened and ground hardened steel pins and bushings, lubricated with greaser.

This backhoe combines advanced functionality with ease of use, making it the ideal option for a wide range of agricultural and earthmoving applications.

Section arm

The section arm of this backhoe is designed for maximum efficiency and durability even in unfavourable working conditions. Made of high-strength steel, this arm can withstand heavy loads and resist wear and corrosion.

Its ergonomic design and reinforced structure ensure greater stability and precision when lifting and digging. The arm offers a wide range of movement, allowing the operator to reach and work in confined spaces with ease.

In addition, the intuitive and responsive control system ensures smooth and controlled operation, reducing operator fatigue and increasing overall productivity.

Arm extension measurements:

Digging force: 1100 Kg

Arm opening up to 180°

Excavation depth (A): 225 cm

Reach (B): 391 cm

Maximum height (C): 310 cm

Arm fully to the left

Arm fully to the right

Fully extended arm


The backhoe's bucket with its robust profile and optimised shape ensures excellent ground penetration and efficient material collection.

Equipped with teeth made to keep its sharpness for a long time, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Bucket width: 40 cm

Bucket position 1

Bucket position 2

Bucket position 3

Lateral displacement

The backhoe is equipped with the side-shift function, this system allows the arm of the backhoe to move sideways, in addition to the traditional vertical and horizontal movement.

This travel capability greatly increases operational flexibility, allowing the operator to reach and work in hard-to-access areas without having to reposition the entire vehicle.

The robust and resilient design ensures that the system can withstand the stress of continuous operations while maintaining consistent performance over time.

Detail of lever for lateral movement

Lateral displacement 1

Lateral displacement 2

Lateral displacement 3

Lateral displacement width: 90 cm

Control station

The control station is designed for maximum operator comfort.

The seat is well elevated for good visibility while working.

Levers to direct the arm and bucket

Side shift lever(lever for unlocking side shift)

Levers for adjusting support feet

Other features

Independent support feet with a maximum opening of: 52 cm

Hydraulic oil circuit Thermometer

Adjustable tractor hitch

Hydraulic oil pump

Detail of the hydraulic distributor

Supports for climbing up to the station

Safety hooks for accidental opening of the arm

Oil Tank Capacity: 40L

Free items & Standard equipment


The product is delivered in its original cage with Cardan shaft.

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