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GeoTech LV650 SPBS Deluxe Self-propelled Leaf Vacuum - Shredder with Briggs&Stratton engine

rear wheel traction
Vacuum function
Shredding mode (while vacuuming)
Motor type
4 stroke
Cubic Capacity
205 cm³
Rated output
6.5 HP
Pressure reducing system
Engine Model
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GeoTech Pro LV650 SPBS Deluxe Leaf Vacuum - Garden Shredder

GeoTech Pro LV650 SPBS Deluxe Leaf Vacuum - Garden Shredder:

LV: Leaf Vacuum
rated power 6.5 Hp (minimum gross power)
50: garden shredder Max cutting diameter: 50 mm
SP: Self-Propelled, it refers to the machine type.
BS: Briggs&Stratton, it refers to the engine brand.

This GeoTech Pro new leaf vacuum model features 3 in 1 functions:

  1. Leaf vacuum.
  2. Garden shredder.
  3. Leaf vacuum by means of a vacuum tube.

Thus, we are focusing on a self-propelled machine. The controls on the handle manages the wheels traction.

It is powered by a heavy-duty Briggs&Stratton Vanguard Series engine 6.5 Hp.

The gearshift features 2+2 gears, 2 forward gears and 2 reverse gears.

It is equipped with a sturdy large-sized leaf collector made of canvas featuring a capacity of 120 litres, which ensure long working sessions before emptying it.

The GeoTech Pro LV650 SPBS Deluxe leaf vacuum - garde shredder is a easy-to-use and versatile machine, ideal for clearing leaves from large paved outdoor surfaces. Thus, the new function of vacuuming by means of a vacuum tube allows to even vacuum gardening residuals from hard to reach areas under hedges, behind flower bowls. Focus on the detachable vacuum tube.

Although we are focusing on self-propelled machines, they have been specifically designed to work on flat terrain or on light slopes. They are not suitable to be used on sloping terrain.

B&S Vanguard petrol engine 6.5 Hp

The GeoTech Pro leaf vacuum - garden shredder is powered by Briggs & Stratton Vanguard air-cooled 4-stroke engine 205 cc with overhead valve and aluminium cylinder.

It features 6.5 Hp Max power (4.1 Kw) at 3600 rev/min.


Engine type
Single-cylinder 4-stroke engine - OHV
Cylinder type
Engine cooling
Air cooling
Cubic capacity
205 cm³
Fuel supply
6.5 Hp
Recoil start
Fuel tank capacity
3.6 lt

Focus on the engine adjusting device.


Please carefully read the instructions manual before using it.

Vacuum function

Standard vacuuming by means of the 76 cm front nozzle: when used in its standard mode, the air adjusting ball knob has to be placed in high position.

The vacuum nozzle is adjustable in 5 positions from 0.5 cm up to 3 cm from the ground, allowing in this way great performances.

The nozzle adjustment is by means of specific levers placed on its sides.

This model is among the few self-propelled leaf vacuums on market also featuring a shredding function. Therefore, the machine allows shredding leaves and pruning residuals that have been sucked up, putting them in the rear collector once shredded.

The shredding function is ensured by a highly-resistant steel disk equipped with 6 steel blades. Shredding ratio: 7/1

The shredding function brings to a number of avdantages:

  • It allows reducing the picked up material to a fourth its original volume. This feature allows the leaf collector of 120 litres capacity to ensure high standards in terms of containing leaves and gardening residuals once shredded.
  • Greater ease to empty the leaf collector.
  • Lower volume of the sucked up leaves.
  • The shredded material is more suitable for the compost heap as well as its use as fertilizer.

Vacuum function by means of the vacuum tube

Additional vacuum function by means of the vacuum tube, extendable up to 3 mt: when used in this mode, the air adjusting ball knob has to be placed on its low position.

The vacuum mode by means of the vacuum tube allows sucking up piles of leaves under hedges, behind flower bowls and from all the other hard to reach areas. indeed, it is ideal to reach tight corners and flowerbeds. It is equipped with a long ergonomic hand grip made of steel. When the vacuum tube is attached to the machine, its large-diameter nozzle features a great suction power.

This vacuum tube is made of a reinforced metallic spiral, which has been specifically designed for vacuum and transport applications.

Indeed, it can be easily extended and quickly closed, allowing in this way to reduce the overall size when not in use.

This vacuum hose is easily extendable up to 3 mt Max length by means of the handle where it is fixed.

Shredding function

the shredding function allows chopping and shredding small-sized gardening and pruning residuals.

When used in its shredding mode, it features a maximum cutting diameter of 50 mm.

Shredding procedure:

  • 2 Front blades: they are placed on the shredding chamber mounted on a rotating steel disk at the hopper bottom. They provide a pre-working function by shredding the material in rough fragments.
  • 3 Rotating rear blades featuring a high speed (which are placed behind the 2 blades mentioned above). They are responsible for a further shredding of the gardening residuals.

Professional pusher included to push leaves into the feeding funnel.

Square hopper of 25 x 25 cm size.

Controls and additional features

Torque of pneumatic rear wheels with air gap: 13 x 5 - 6.

Focus on the swiveling front wheel.

Focus on the highly-sturdy front support made of cast steel.

Leaf collector made of sturdy canvas featuring 120 litres capacity. It is equipped with zipper for its easy emptying.

Focus on the gear lever featuring 4 different positions dependins on the selected gear. it consists of 2 forward gears and 2 reverse gears.

Focus on the lever responsible for the machine motion: indeed, the leaf vacuum will start moving forward or backward depending on the selected gear.

Focus on the throttle lever.

Focus on the machine stop push button.

Product Features
LV650 SPBS Deluxe
Leaf blower type:
rear wheel traction
Blower function :
Vacuum function:
Shredding mode (while vacuuming):
Grass collector capacity:
120 l
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor/Engine brand:
Briggs & Stratton
Engine Model:
Motor type:
4 stroke
Cubic Capacity:
205 cm³
Number of pistons:
Rated output:
6.5 HP
Motor Speed (RPM):
3600 RPM
Power supply:
Overhead valve
Engine lubrication type:
Oil bath
Pressure reducing system:
Tank capacity:
3.6 L
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Recoil Starter (cord):
Rear wheels size:
13 x 5 - 6
Free gifts/extra features
Kit aspiration tube:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
76x69x102 cm
Net weight:
82 Kg
On pallet
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
135x95x110 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
85 Kg
Assembly time:
60 minutes

Free gifts / Extra features

The leaf vacuum is sent to you in its original packaging on a pallet.

The machine comes complete with:

  • Assembly and maintenance instructions manual.
  • Maintenance tools.
  • 2 Oil bottles for engines included 600 ml.