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GeoTech KH-TM Battery-powered Electric Tying Machine for Vineyards - For Tying Vineyards

GeoTech KH-TM Battery-powered Electric Tying Machine for Vineyards - For Tying Vineyards
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Rated output (W)
50 w
Effective Voltage
14.4 V
Rated Voltage
16.8 V
2 Ah
Battery type
Battery quantity
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Geotech KH-TM Battery-powered electric tying machine for vineyards

The Geotech KH-TM battery-powered electric tying machine for vineyards is an essential tool for those who you need to to tie the vine shoots to the support wires continuously for small / medium-sized vineyards.

  • Tying machine weight: 1200 g (battery included)
  • Battery running time: 6-8 hours

The tying machine is featured by compact structure, light weight, fast speed, and easy one-handed operation. The product combines safety, high efficiency and easy operation. It is provided with 4 different screwing levels adjustments: the first one performs 3 screws, the second one 4 screws, the third one 5 screws and the fourth one 6 screws.

Strengths of this tying machine:

  • Battery weight(x2): 0.2 Kg
  • Max. tying diameter: 25 mm
  • Reel length: 90 mt
  • Bindings per reel: about 650
  • Battery autonomy: 6h
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 4 adjustment settings
  • Low maintenance required

-Two 90m reels for free

-Two 14.4V 2Ah Batteries and battery charger included


Handle grip and other features

The tying machine is provided with 4 different screwing levels adjustments: the first one performs 3 screws, the second one 4 screws, the third one 5 screws and the fourth one 6 screws.

Focus on the trigger placed on a large-sized housing.

Focus on the reel housing.

2 Batteriesbattery charger and 2 tying wires included


Strengths of this tying machine:

  • Battery weight: 0.2 Kg
  • Max. tying diameter: 25 mm

For all types of bindings

  • Reel length: 90 mt

Two spare reels for a long working autonomy

  • Bindings per reel: about 650
  • Battery autonomy: 8h
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Ergonomic handle

For high comfort during use

  • 4 adjustment settings

The tying machine is provided with 4 different screwing levels adjustments and the binding can be set from 3 to 6 screwing levels.

  • Low maintenance required
  • Changing the batteries is easy and intuitive

14.4V 2AH Model KH-16-02 Lithium-Ion battery

2Ah 14.4V. Lithium-ion battery.

Lightweight and high performance, shortly rechargeable. It ensures approx. 8 h running time with a charging time of 1/1,5 hours.

These batteries do not feature the memory effect and they can be recharged even if not fully discharged, resulting in constantly maintaining the highest performing levels.

The weight of the batteries is only 200gr.

They are not affected by overheating issues, ensuring maximum safety and longer life than standard Lithium batteries.

The battery is easy to remove and it is just as easy to insert another one that is already charged and ready for use.

Product Features
Battery weight:
200 gr
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Rated output (W):
50 w
Power supply:
Battery powered
Effective Voltage:
14.4 V
Rated Voltage:
16.8 V
Battery type:
2 Ah
Battery quantity:
Running time:
8 h
Recharge time:
90 min
Ergonomic backpack:
Lithium battery:
Free gifts/extra features
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
32.5x8x26 cm
Net weight:
1.2 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
35x9x28 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
2.3 Kg
Assembly time:

COMPLIMENTARY: use and maintenance kit for pruning shears

Use and maintenance kit for pruning shears consisting of:

  • No.01 400 ml professional universal Lithium spray for pruning shears lubrication, multi tool Lithium grease specifically intended for any lubrication requirements on both mechanical and rotating components.
  • No. 01 Sharpener for pruning shears, ideal for sharpening blades of pruning scissors, garden shears, grafting knives and loppers. Equipped with two grits, one for roughing and one for finishing.
  • No. 01 Pair of Deltaplus Thermal gloves for extreme protection against cold weather (maximum -30°C)°, ideal for winter season.
  • No. 01 Pair of Cofra Airplume gloves, highly-adherent and elastic gloves designed for ensuring maximum comfort and ease of movement.

Free items included

The product will be shipped in a practical suitcase within its original packaging.

The unit comes complete with:

  • Clamp
  • Two 14.4 V - 2 Ah batteries with battery charger;
  • 2 binding wires (one already mounted);
  • Instructions Manual