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Gardena P4A PBA 18V/45 2,5 Ah Battery

Gardena P4A PBA 18V/45 2,5 Ah Battery
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Gardena P4A PBA 18V/45 2,5 Ah Battery

The practical battery can be recharged at any time, without memory effect (it does not have the tendency to run out after many recharges) to always have a good power.

Battery equipped with quick coupling: it unhooks and removes from the machine with a simple gesture, just press the quick coupling button.

Technical characteristics:

  • Voltage: 18V
  • Amperage: 2.5 Ah
  • Time per charge: 60 min
  • Time to recharge 80%: 40 min
  • Battery weight: 360 g




Lithium Battery Advantages

LONGER DURATION: lasts up to 3 times longer than traditional Nickel-Cadmium batteries so it can be used for long periods without recharging. Perfect for medium-large gardens.

FULL CHARGE FOR THE ENTIRE BATTERY DURATION: the Lithium-Ion battery charge does not decrease. Nickel-cadmium batteries gradually lose power. Lithium battery cells have a constant power level during the whole cycle. Thus, the battery charge is constant from the beginning until the end and the motor rpm rate doesn't decrease. The battery provides full power before it dies completely.

LONG CHARGE DURATION: Lithium-Ion batteries last 3-4 times longer than traditional Nickel-Cadmium batteries and their power storage lasts longer so they lose less power. Lithium batteries allow up to 2.000 charge cycles!

REDUCED WEIGHT: Lithium batteries have the best power-weight ratio. A lithium battery weighs 1/3 of a nickel-cadmium battery on average.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Lithium battery-powered tools can be recycled and they are not made with heavy metals.

ZERO MEMORY EFFECT: Lithium batteries can be recharged any time without the negative memory effect. They offer maximum power after hundreds of charge cycles. Charging the battery for a few minutes will supply enough power to get the work done.

LOW POWER LOSS RATE: The power loss rate is up to 5 times lower than that of Nickel-Cadmium batteries so this tool will be ready for use even after very long breaks.

BATTERY CHARGER: Lithium battery chargers allow reducing power consumption by 35% on average. Professional long-lasting air filter.