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Full kit: Volpi trolley + 60Ah battery + Telwin TOURING 18 battery charger

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ID: K500374

EAN: 8020581027540

MPN: 702/800

What's on kit

It is a full kit for the olive harvesting intended for battery-powered olive harvesters.

Battery trolley + battery + battery charger.

Trolley: heavy-duty battery trolley with sturdy hot galvanized steel frame. It is equipped with wheels for transport and practical support to roll the cable up. This trolley is also suitable to hold big batteries by means of the support bracket. The support bracket allows to securely fixing the battery to the trolley and is equipped with 2 threaded stay rods on the sides. These stay rods are very long and allow fixing any size of battery.
It is suitable for any olive harvester on market.

Battery: 60Ah (60 Ampere) battery. You can use this battery for more than 8 operating hours, which means that you can use it for a full working session, and is suitable for any olive harvester purchased in our web-site. The battery is supplied with acid and it is already charged and ready to use.

Battery charger: Telwin battery charger is ideal for 12 V battery chargers used for the olive harvester. It can supply 9Ah/h charge capacity. The 12 V battery chargers are filled with electrolyte (WET type)

  • Overload protection;
  • Reverse polarity protection;
  • A Led shows the status of the battery level;

60 Amperes battery

It is a standard heavy-duty lead-acid battery (a standard 60 Ah car battery).

This big size battery guarantees more than 8 hours of operating time. It is suitable for the olive harvesters purchased in our web site.

Capacity: 60 Amperes.

You can use it for the full working day.

It is provided with folding handle for an easy transport by hand.

The battery is supplied with acid and it is already charged and ready to use.

Dimensions: mm 230X170X200

Weight: about 15 kg.

Telwin Touring 18 battery charger

Perfect size battery charger for the 12V-24V olive harversters' batteries.

Big loading capaciy: 13 Amper per hour loading (high value for the need, as an olive harvester battery is 60 Ampere capacity in general).

Overnight no problem loading to be ready for job in the morning.

Suggested for 12 V flooded cell batteries (WET).

  • Overload protection
  • Reversal polarity protection
  • [189091] Battery charge level LED[/x]
  • Fuse
  • Focus on the 12/24V mode selecting button
  • Effective charging current: 13A (12V) - 8A (24V)
  • Charging current: EN60335-2-29: 9A (12V) - 6A (24V)


Mains Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Single-phase mains voltage: 230 V
Power absorption during charge: 230 W
Charging Voltage: 12 - 24 V
Nominal capacity min/max: 60/180 - 12V Ah
Nominal capacity min/max: 50/115 - 24V Ah
Dimensions (L x W x H): 19 x 10 x 19 cm Weight: 2.9 Kg