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Full kit: metal trolley + 60 Ah battery + Awelco Automatic20 Battery Charger

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ID: K500369

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Full kit: metal trolley + 60 Ah battery + Awelco Automatic20 Battery Charger
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Metal battery holder trolley

Trolley: red metal trolley with wheels for movement and battery compartment.

It can hold even large batteries.

Furthermore, there is a convenient folding compartment for transporting the olive harvester with the pole.

60 Ah battery

Large battery ensuring over 8 hours of working autonomy for each of the olive harvester models on our website.

It therefore allows you to operate for the entire day without any problems.

Equipped with a pull-out handle for easy movement.

POWER: 60 amps

12 V - 640 A (EN1)

SIZE: 242x175x190 mm


This is a professional acid battery (it is a standard 60 ah car battery).

In order to be able to recharge it fully and in just a few hours overnight, we recommend using a battery charger with a charging capacity of at least 12-14 Ah/hour

Awelco Automatic20 Battery Charger

The Deca SM Automatic20 battery charger maintainer is an automatic charger with a charge maintenance program (Pulse charging). This type of charger is compact, efficient and easy to use. Suitable for motorcycles, cars, vans, campers and small displacement tractors.

Characterized by a special automatic charging cycle that allows you to never damage the battery, it is also possible to leave it connected to the battery because it has the MAINTENANCE function (maintenance function "Pulse Maintenance"). This way, the battery is always ready to use.

It is highly safe: it does not damage the electronics of the vehicle, it does not create sparks, it is equipped with protection against polarity reversals and short-circuits.

This product is innovative, versatile and low weight (only 0.60 kg).

This small car battery charger is suitable for outdoor use thanks to the IP65 protection level and its retractable hook.

5 ways of use:

  • Charging
  • Impulses
  • Maintenance
  • Sulphate batteries reconditioning
  • Operation testing

Technical features:

  • Power supply: 230V single-phase
  • Power: 65W
  • Nominal battery voltage 12V / 24V
  • Average charging current: 3A - 6A
  • Charging programs: 4 + TEST
  • Battery type: Pb, Gel, Pb/Ca, Agm
  • Battery capacity: 2 - 120 Ah min / max
  • Battery capacity in charge maintenance: 120Ah max
  • Protection rating: IP65
  • Charging process LED display, maintenance and testing
  • Equipped with cable pliers and cable with eyelets
  • With one 10-stage multi-stage charging process
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