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Full kit: metal trolley + 50Ah battery + Telwin Touring 15 battery charger

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ID: K500368

EAN: 8000866088114

MPN: 18029 CPB

What's on kit

It is a full kit for the olive harvesting intended for battery-powered olive harvesters.

Battery trolley + battery + battery charger.

Trolley: red trolley made of metal with wheels for transport and battery compartment. It is suitable also for big size batteries. Moreover, it is equipped with clamp with wing nut to transport the extension pole.

About the battery

This big size battery guarantees more than 8 hours of operating time. It is suitable for the olive harvesters purchased in our web site.

You can use it for the full working day.

It is provided with folding handle for an easy transport by hand.

CAPACITY: 50 Amperes.

12V - 450A (EN1)

DIMENSIONS: 210 X 175 X 175 mm.

WEIGHT: 15 Kg.

It is a high quality sealed lead acid battery (a standard 50Ah car battery).

The battery is supplied with acid and it is already charged and ready to use.

We suggest you to charge the battery by using a battery charger with a minimum capacity of 12-14 amp/hour. You can charge the battery during the night, as it will take just few hours.

This model is provided with hydrometer in order to measure the charge of the battery.

Awelco ENERBOX 10 Battery Charger

The Awelco ENERBOX 10 is a very practical and compact charger renowned for its ease of use and high reliability.

This product is mostly designed for hobby use offering high performance and ease of use.

Small-sized car charger ideal for those users looking for a comfortable, easy-to-use and high performing unit designed for non-intensive use.

This product is suitable for charging 6 Volt and 12Volt Lead batteries with 30 up to 60Ah battery capacity (as regards 6V batteries) and 30-100Ah capacity (for 12V batteries).

The battery charger consists of single-phase power supply.

Car charger provided with power cable, plug, positive-pole battery clamp (red) and negative-pole battery clamp (black).

This item is supplied with thermostatic protection.

It is also supplied with protection against polarity reversal.

Easy to use and transport thanks to its 4.4 Kg reduced weight.