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FOREIGN VERSION Worx Landroid Vision M800 - Lawnmower Robot - Without installation

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FOREIGN VERSION Worx Landroid Vision M800 - Lawnmower Robot - Without installation
Kit of 18 blades for robot lawn mowersKit of 18 blades for robot lawn mowers
Max. recommended area
800 m²
Max. slope
30 %
Cutting close to the edge
Wheel Type
Obstacle detection sensor
Wi-Fi remote control
APP control
Bluetooth control
Motor type
No. of batteries
20 V
4 Ah
Battery type
Robot operation mode
No perimeter wire installation
Mulching cutting system
Standard equipment
Product Features
Landroid Vision M800
Body material:
Operating mode:
Mulching cutting system:
Standard equipment
Max. recommended area :
800 m²
Max. slope:
30 %
Rain sensor:
Obstacle detection sensor:
Manageable areas:
APP control:
Wi-Fi remote control:
Bluetooth control:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor no.:
Motor type:
Battery type:
Power supply:
20 V
4 Ah
No. of batteries:
Noise level:
59 dB(A)
Motor/blade drive:
Cutting data
Body material:
Blade movement:
Cutting adjustment :
Max. cutting height:
60 mm
Min. cutting height:
30 mm
Cutting width:
19 cm
Cut to the Edge:
Robot operation mode:
No perimeter wire installation
Cutting close to the edge:
Lithium battery:
Wheel Type:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
75x56x31 cm
Net weight:
14.7 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
55x45x28 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
24.7 Kg
Assembly time:
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Robot Lawn Mower

Worx Landroid Vision M800 is an independent robot lawn-mower designed to simplify the lawn-cutting process. It is the most advanced model offered by the Worx Landroid product line.

Just lay Landroid Vision on your lawn, press the button and all you have to do is watch it work. No installation needed

One of the distinctive features of the Worx Landroid Vision M800 is its advanced navigation system based on artificial intelligence and computer vision technology. The robot is equipped with a video camera that enables it to identify the working area and avoid obstacles such as trees, bushes, garden furniture or toys.

You can monitor and schedule the Worx Landroid Vision through a dedicated app on your smartphone.

Its computer vision-based navigation technology, together with its ease of use and programmability, make it a popular choice for those who wish to maintain a well-maintained lawn without the need for installation.

Landroid Intelligence and Strengths

The Worx Landroid Vision is equipped with a built-in camera that enables it to 'see' its surroundings and work efficiently when mowing the lawn.

The camera is mounted on the top of the robot, and the captured images are processed by artificial intelligence at a rate of one frame every 0.05 seconds, allowing Vision to identify obstacles and always make the right decision, optimising lawn cutting work.

The full HD camera with wide-angle, HDR and auto white balance balances extreme contrasts and light reflections.

The ability to avoid obstacles translates into extra safety for pets, wildlife and people.

By equipping Landroid Vision with the Fiatlux accessory (available as an separate accessory), Vision will also be able to work safely at night.



As soon as the product is delivered, you can start it autonomously: even the less expert user, who has never had experience with cutting device, will be immediately able to start the Landroid Vision following the detailed information described in the instructions manual or watching the online tutorial video on your smartphone or tablet.

Connection to the app: To fully exploit the Worx Landroid Vidion M800 functionality, you have to connect it to the dedicated app “Worx Landroid” on your smartphone.

Once installed the charging station (supplied with battery charger), you’ll only have to place the robot lawn mower on your lawn.

Focus on the robot’s charging socket.

Worx Landroid: Control and Communicate with your Robot!

The Worx app for Landroid Vision is designed to allow you to monitor and schedule your robot lawn mower easily and intuitively using your smartphone.

One of the main features of the Worx app for Landroid Vision is the ability to programme your robot automatically. You can set the desired cutting times and the weekdays on which the robot must operate.

The app will provide you with real-time information on the status of your robot lawn mower. You will be able to monitor the cutting progress, battery life, any error or alarm notifications and other useful information.

Firmware updates: Worx periodically releases firmware updates to improve robot performance and introduce new features. Through the app, you will be able to receive and apply firmware updates to your Worx Landroid Vision M600, thereby ensuring a constant supply of the latest, most optimised software.

Landroid Vision Main Features

No installation needed: Lay Landroid Vision on the lawn and enjoy watching it work.

It is unique in its cutting system: it performs both side cutting and near-edge cutting. This allows the grass to be cut as close to the edge of the lawn as possible, minimising the need for manual edging.

Extremely reliable: it works following your preferences always staying in the area around your home. Thanks to an extremely intuitive interface, the robot is easily scheduleable for working hours and days.

It is ecological, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. Thanks to the electric charging system and the lithium battery, it does not pollute. The recharge consumes very little: the estimated cost is about 5€ per year for a lawn of about 600 s.q. m.

It is sustainable: it helps nourishing the soil and reduces the need for water. Thanks to the mulching cutting system, the grass cuttings will be reduced into tiny, invisible pieces that will feed and fertilise the soil.

It is safe: it stops when lifted. When raised, the robot locks the blades for safe use.

It is noiseless and respects flowers and flowerbeds.

It is independent: works and recharges autonomously. When the battery is about to run out, the robot will automatically return to its station for recharging.

It is aware: Landroid Vision is 100% weatherproof and works outdoors without any problems. However, cutting wet grass is not ideal for a perfect lawn finish. This is why, thanks to special sensors, the robot is able to detect rain, thus returning to its charging station. It features an IPX5 water protection rating (casing protected against water jets) and can be cleaned easily using a garden hose

Furthermore, the "Rain Delay" can be set, i.e. the time between the end of the rain and the restart of work (pre-set at 180 minutes).

It is powerful: it does not fear slopes. Landroid Vision is able to tackle climbs with an inclination of up to 30%. Designed and built to withstand bad ground conditions.

Cut-To-Edge System


  • Mulching: 3 off-centre steel blades for mulching cutting. This system allows finely shredding the grass clippings without having to collect them in a grass collector. Grass decomposes naturally, water and nutritional substances returns to soil for a wonderful, healthy lawn! The mulching system allows distributing grass clippings evenly for a fertilised, healthy lawn.
  • Edges: Vision inherits the most renown functionality of the Landroid lawn mowers. Cuts very close to the edge of the lawn, leaving very little trimming work to be done
  • Max. cutting area: 800 s.q. m.
  • Cutting width 18 cm
  • Maximum slopes: 30%

Possibility to adjust the height thanks to the handy knob which enables to move the floating cutting deck from 30 mm to 60 mm. Front-wheel drive allows the robot to overcome slopes and tricky terrain.

LANDROID Vision robot lawn mower is equipped with a new 3-pivoting blades cutting system. This special movement of the blades guarantees an exceptional service life and, more generally, greater protection of the entire machine, as they are better able to absorb possible impacts with foreign objects.

Supplied Accessories

The robot lawn mower comes with two accessories that are essential to obtain the lawn of your dreams:


One 5m magnetic strips to mark off areas where you want Vision not to access. Installation is super quick, just place it on the lawn and fix it to the ground with the pegs provided.

If necessary, this accessory can be purchased separately (10 m kit)

ATTENTION: Vision employs a specific magnetic strip, the black version (code WA0870) is for Landroids with boundary wire and does not work with Vision.


Vision is designed to operate on continuous grassy areas. It will only leave the area if you specify it: insert the RFID tag, and it will always know where to go. You place the two RFID tags on two different lawns separated by a path or passageway. As soon as the robot touches the tag, it will automatically move to the area indicated by the other tag. (You can adjust up to 3 areas)

If necessary, this accessory can be purchased separately (2 tag RFID kit)

ATTENTION: the maximum distance between the two RFID tags is 6m.

Separately purchasable accessories


-FIATLUX: Night Lights. With the Fiatlux accessory, Vision can also work safely at night

-FIND MY LANDROID: safe, trackable and always connected. Interact with your Vision at any time. It provides your Landroid Vision with the highest degree of protection by combining GPS position and cellular data transmission. The code WA0862 is for Landroids with boundary wire and is not compatible with Vision.

-HIGH PITCHED ALARM: alarm with alarm. Protection from theft. The alarm will sound if Landroid Vision is lifted or turned upside down.

-GARAGE: protect Vision from extreme weather conditions and UV rays. Made of durable, fully recycled metal material

Controls and Technical Features


  • Camera
  • Front-wheel drive and very large wheels for greater grip and control
  • Brushless Motor, the newest technology available on the market!
  • Max. slope: 30%
  • Complete LCD display and technology
  • Battery compartment
  • Rain sensor: postpones departure when it is raining
  • Focus on the rear pivoting wheel.
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Multi-zone management
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth connection
  • Weight: 14.10 Kg

Find out if it fits you!

The VISION robot has New and Innovative technology.

Please read the following information carefully before purchasing the product.

1 - An Internet connection is required: The robot keeps learning every day and is constantly evolving. The Internet connection will allow Vision to update in the weeks and months to come. Examples of upcoming improvements: Improved cutting paths, improved edge cutting, overcoming narrow passages, etc...

2 - Edge identification: In specific situations, to ensure proper product operation, installation may require the use of many metres of magnetic strip, requiring significant installation time and an additional cost for the customer. In some cases, therefore, it may be advisable to purchase a Landroid with perimeter wire. Example cases:

  • Undelimited property lawn confining with neighbours' property
  • Steep terrain or steep slopes, ditches, ponds, etc.

NB: natural/artificial elements can help to delimit these areas (e.g. pavements, stones, mulch, etc.).

3 - Tall grass and uncut edges: please remember that, like any robot, Vision must be installed on an already mown lawn. Maximum recommended grass height of 10 cm when installing the robot.

If the lawn borders areas of very tall grass/weeds, Vision may not detect the boundary of the garden and therefore it will be necessary to mark these areas with a magnetic strip or other element that helps Vision to identify the perimeter (e.g. pavement, stones, pebbles, mulch, etc.).

4 – Fences: The robot is able to detect a fence if it is less than 20cm from the ground. Otherwise, it will be necessary to mark the boundary with OFF LIMITS magnetic strip or any other obstacle that helps Vision to identify the perimeter (e.g. pavement, stones, pebbles, mulch, etc.).

5 - Minimum allowed distance between obstacles: the minimum distance required to ensure the passage of Vision between two obstacles is 1m. Japanese stepping stones and walkway slabs: according to the size and distance between them, it may be necessary to use RFID terminals to transit the robot from one side to the other.

6 - Multi-zone management with RFID

To cross between 2 cutting areas using RFID terminals, the 2 cutting areas must have a minimum 3m perimeter parallel to each other. The maximum distance allowed between the two cutting areas is 6m.

Power Share: the battery can be used for other Worx products!


The more battery-powered Worx products you buy, the more you save! You can expand your cordless system without paying for unnecessary batteries and chargers.

The WORX 20V MAX lithium platform offers a wide range of products to meet every gardening need.

The versatility of Worx technology is unmatched on the market.

The 20 V Power Share battery is compatible with other Worx products:

  • Robot lawn mower
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Pressure washer
  • Blower
  • Edge trimmer

Join the Worx world and discover all its advantages!

Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY: Heavy-duty cover cloth for storage

Perfect for protecting your equipment when stored.

This cloth is fast and easy to apply; within seconds your machine is protected from dust and moisture.

It is suitable for small-sized machinery.

Easy to fold and store inside its packaging as it takes up very little space!

Free Items Included

In addition to the instruction manual, the package includes:

  • Worx Landroid Vision M600 (1)
  • Charging base (1)
  • Charging column (1)
  • Battery charger (1)
  • Battery (1)
  • 5 cm magnetic stripes (1)
  • Pegs (16)
  • Screws (14)
  • Spare blades (9)
  • Hexagonal spanner (1)
  • Tag RFID (2)
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