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Flymo EasiCut 420 electric hedge trimmer

Flymo EasiCut 420 electric hedge trimmer
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Rated output (W)
420 w
Cutting blade length
42 cm
Tooth spacing
16 mm
Max branch cutting diameter
15 mm
Protection kit: gloves, googles, ear defenders, Agrieuro headscarf for free!
Protection kit: gloves, googles, ear defenders, Agrieuro headscarf for free!
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Flymo EasiCut 420 electric hedge trimmer

The Flymo EasiCut 420 electric hedge trimmer was designed for hedge cutting and for the maintenance of green areas.

Its electric motor and transmission make this hedge cutter an efficient and handy product.

The blades feature an innovating geometry for efficient, quick and clean cuts.

The blade gap allows reducing the amount of material that falls and further cutting operations will be easier.

Flymo focuses on designing products that are safe and easy to use.

Electric motor

Power: 420 watt

Advantages of the electric motor:

  • It offers more reliability than a petrol hedge trimmer thanks to its electric motor. It doesn’t have spark plugs, filters, dip tubes, carburetors etc. That’s to say any part that may cause difficulties
  • Much lighter. Despite its very sturdy internal drive, it only weighs 4 kg, while an average petrol model weighs 6 kg (which makes it a lot harder to use)
  • Zero maintenance needed, for the above mentioned reasons
  • Lower consumption and reduced operational costs compared to petrol models (cutting requires a power supply worth a few cents). Moreover, the operator won’t have to restock on fuel (which should be constantly fresh)
  • Zero vibrations, thanks to the electric motor. By contrast, nearly all petrol hedge trimmers that don’t feature a steel springs anti-vibration system, have a very high vibration level which makes them scarcely comfortable for the operator
  • Zero smoke emission, zero impact on the environment and, more importantly, on the operator’s health
  • Much lower noise levels and, thus, more pleasant to use compared to petrol models

Blade length 42 cm

  • Amazing sharpness, hardness and durability. 420 mm length
  • Sturdy and light aluminium blade-holding bar
  • Tooth spacing of 16 mm. On average it allows cutting large branches; however, we recommend cutting green parts rather than dry wood
  • Highest cutting speed: 2400 rpm
  • Very sturdy 42 cm long blade
  • Number of strokes: 2.400/min.


This hedge trimmer features very easy and handy controls.

The operator can work in full safety thanks to the double grip and dual switch.

Featuring a front guard for further operating safety.

Rear handle switch

Front handle switch

Product Features
EasiCut 420
Electric 230 V
Handle grip:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor/Engine brand:
Motor type:
Rated output (W):
420 w
Power supply:
220V power supply
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Gear shifting mechanics:
steel gear
Cutting data
Cutting blade length:
42 cm
Max branch cutting diameter:
15 mm
Blade movement:
dual blade in opposite directions
Flail/blade type:
Cutting speed:
2400 rpm
Rubber-coated soft grip:
Free gifts/extra features
Hedge trimmer blade guard:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
90 x 14 x 20 cm
Net weight:
2.8 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
96 x 15 x 20 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
3 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes

FREE ITEMS: Safety equipment


Protective earmuffs to work with maximum comfort
The ear protection as to be the one recommended for all working conditions. Indeed, the earmuffs provided on standard kit are specifically designed to protect the operator against the noise coming from the brush cutter.

Protective goggles that can be used as an alternative to the visor mask. Protective mask goggles in polycarbonate equipped with anti-fog and anti-scratch panoramic screen. The ventilation is ensured thanks to the holes made on the frame to avoid obfuscation and to improve comfort of use.

Agrieuro headscarf 100% cotton

Cotton gloves

Extra features

The hedge trimmer will be delivered assembled, in its original packaging.

Instructions manual included.

Blade cover included as standard equipment

Belt with hook for cable holding

Electric cord belt hook included as standard equipment.

Hand protection guard.