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Fiac Stratos 24 electric compressor - 2 HP engine - 24 L

Compressor tank
24 l
Max. operating pressure
8 bar
Air displacement
150 L/min
Pump unit revolutions per minute
2850 RPM
Pump type
Rated output
2 HP
Free items: 5 compressor accessories provided on standard kit
Bottle of 600 ml "COMPRIX" professional oil
FOR FREE: no. 8 compressor connections
Free items: 5 compressor accessories provided on standard kit
Bottle of 600 ml "COMPRIX" professional oil
FOR FREE: no. 8 compressor connections
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Fiac Stratos electric compressor - 24 - 25 L 2 HP

The Fiac stratos 24 is a coaxial electric compressor with high quality pumping unit directly mounted on the rotating shaft of the electric engine. This manufacturing solution enables to reduce the dimension and avoid power loss caused by transmission units. The plastic housing that surrounds the compressor pumping unit transfers air for the cooling of the pumping unit head and increases the lasting of the mechanical units and the efficiency of the they whole unit in terms of air quantity produced. In addition, it impedes accidental contacts with all moving parts.

"Splash" oil lubrication allows for oil circulation throughout the pumping unit. This system ensures an excellent lubrication of the mechanical moving units so that overheating is avoided and it ensures an improved lifetime of the compressor.

The Fiac Stratos 24 electric compressor is very sturdy, thanks to very high quality components, like for example cast iron piston, the head and body in cast aluminum, despite the excellent workmanship of the materials that gives it good resistance, the compressor is easily transportable, thanks to the comfortable handle to move it. Furthermore this machine is equipped with two pressure gauges, one for the tank pressure and one for the outlet pressure (regulated by a special regulator).

This machine mounts a single-phase electric engine with 2 HP and thanks to the single-stage pump it succeds in suctioning 150 l/min air volume. The tank capacity is 24 L and the operating pressure is 8 bar.

Technical features

Pump type: coaxial with oil

Suctioned air: 150 L/min

Pressure: 8 bar

Electric engine power: 2 HP

Tank: 24 L

Controls and other features

The compressor controls are really easy and user-friendly:

- General switch

- Pressure gauge of the tank and outlet pressure gauge regulated by a special regulator

- Compressor outlet connection

- Front transport handle

- Sturdy wheels

- Condensation drain valve

Product Features
Compressor types:
coassiale lubrificato (ad olio)
Max. operating pressure:
8 bar
Number of tanks:
Compressor tank:
24 l
Noise level:
95 LwA
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Electric single-phase
Rated output:
2 HP
Rotation speed of compressor engine:
Power supply:
220V power supply
Pump data
Pump brand:
Fiac FC 4002
Air displacement:
150 L/min
Pump type:
Number of cylinders:
Cooling down side collector:
Cylinders' material:
Cast iron
Transmission data
Transmission type:
direct coaxial type
Pump unit revolutions per minute:
2850 RPM
Number of exits:
Pressure regulator with condensate steam filter:
Handle for lifting the machine:
Free gifts/extra features
Quick reduction joint:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
29.5x61x60 cm
Net weight:
19.70 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
25.5x56.5x56.5 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
20.8 Kg

5 GeoTech accessories for air compressors

This kit includes lots of accessories for air compressors:

- Tyre inflating gun with integrated gauge

- Wash gun

- Air blow gun

- Paint spray gun

- Spiral air hose

Free items: air compressor maintenance kit with oil bottle and joints

The maintenance kit that includes:

  • 600 ml "COMPRIX” oil bottle, professional oil specifically designed for compressor heads. Perfect for oil refill and first oil replacement (the air compressor is shipped with levelled oil).
  • Air compressor spare / replacing female output joint
  • Air compressor spare / replacing male output joint (replaceable on equipment with bayonet cap) or usable as spare joint

  • Quick joint to convert all the machineries fitted with standard bayonet coupling. It allows easily connecting the units to hoses with female quick joint.

  • Quick-action coupling for the transformation of the quick coupling female supplied on the compressor in the traditional bayonet coupling (also allows use of the standard hoses with bayonet system)

  • Repair / Junction fitting for Ø 8 hoses
  • Repair / Junction fitting for Ø 10 hoses
  • Lower discharge valve
  • Teflon Roll, ideal for the main maintenance operations

- - -

Standard equipment

The compressor is shipped in its original packaging.

Instructions manual, 2 comfortable wheels and air filter included in the packaging.