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Eurosystems M502 self-propelled petrol rotary scythe mower

floating knives rotary disc
Recommended working surface
4000 m²
Transmission type
Drive belt
Motor brand
Cubic Capacity
150 cm³
Rated output
5 HP
Engine Model
Motor/blade transmission
Middle drive belt
Multi-tool (additional accessories available)
Manufacturing Country
Free items: 2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
Free items: 2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
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ID: K4307

EAN: 8025004009295

MPN: 00967240300

Self-propelled, 4-stroke engine

rotary scythe mower

Briggs & Stratton -
625 series
petrol engine


Self-propelled rotary scythe mower (drum-mower) featuring a 4-stroke engine and large Tractor wheels. The pneumatic wheels are activated by an oil-bath worm gear drive and 2 speed gear shifting system (1 forward speed + 1 reverse speed).
The cutting unit consists of a rotating disc that features 4 swing blades. The blades rotate around their own axis and slide back in when hitting obstacles. This is undoubtedly the most advanced and effective cutting system on the market today as it emulates the tractor drum mower cutting system. Suitable for all kinds of surfaces and any kind of grass (tall, short, thick, slender, straight, bent or crushed by weather conditions).
The rotating disc is activated by a belt drive, which ensures durability thanks to the belt slipping effect.
Moreover, this self-propelled petrol rotary scythe mower is equipped with a powerful 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton engine. Briggs & Stratton are popular world-wide thanks to their engine production for gardening and agriculture machines.
Suitable for overgrown grass and tall weeds. The grass can be re-used as food for livestock.
The special cutting system on these petrol rotary scythe mowers allows making clean cuts at the base, thus leaving the grass pieces intact. Thus, the grass can be collected and fed to animals.
This self-propelled petrol rotary scythe mower can be used on all kinds of surfaces, including uneven terrain and gentle slopes.

AgriEuro offers this great piece of equipment for a very special price.
This MULTI TOOL rotary sickle bar mower can work with many different attachments thanks to the quick-fit system and reversible handlebar. These two features allow for several applications.

Below you can see some of the accessories that can be used with the scythe mower and that you can buy separately. All of the attachments are ready for delivery.

WARNING: we present the following accessories as examples; they are not included in the price. The only accessory that is included in the price is the
57 cm rotating disc as described in this article, that you can see to the right.
53 cm BRUSH MOWER BLADE DECK: this accessory allows using the machine as a powerful petrol rough cut mower, which chops the grass very finely.
87 cm mulching SICKLE BAR: this attachment allows using the machine as a powerful standard scythe bar mower.

BRUSH ACCESSORY AND COLLECTOR: this attachment allows using the petrol field mower as a handy self-propelled power sweeper.
ADJUSTABLE FRONT BRUSH: this attachment is similar to the previous one but it does not include the ABS collector.
SNOWPLOUGH: suitable for small amounts of snow, sand, dirt and so on.
SNOW CHAINS: suitable when using the SNOWPLOUGH attachment.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS of the rotary scythe mower + 57 cm rotating disc:
Powerful Briggs & Stratton petrol engine 625 Series

engine capacity: 150 cc

Briggs & Stratton is a leading gardening equipment engine producer. This is an all-new innovating engine model.
Briggs & Stratton engines are

Recoil activation

Gross Power: 5.0 HP

* Also known as Power “Rating” which is the classic standard terminology for power. All of the largest engine manufacturers have officially used this definition up until a few years ago. For the most part, this is still the information that all the main commercial and sales channels provide.

Net Power: 3.84 HP

* This is the actual power transferred to the cutting unit during cutting tasks. Engine manufacturers disclose this power information in instruction manuals or technical data sheets as official.

Self-propelled rotary scythe mower featuring pneumatic tractor wheels.

2 speeds:

- 1 forward speed

- 1 reverse speed

Rotating disc cutting width: 57 cm
Featuring 4 swivelling knives. This innovating system protects the cutting unit. The knives slip back underneath the cutting deck in case of shocks or collision with obstacles, thus preventing damage to the machine.
Suitable for all kinds of surfaces, uneven terrain and slopes. It can cut any type of grass: very tall or short, thick or slender, straight or bent or crushed by wind or other weather conditions.

Steel plate rotary disc.
Focus on a detail of the large shield on top of the rotating disc. This shield protects the operator from particles that may come flying. Moreover, the shield design makes it easier to lay down the grass after cutting it.

WARNING: avoid working on rocky surfaces.
Belt drive between the rotating disc and the machine body.
This drive system protects the rotary scythe mower as the belt tends to slip in case of shocks, thus preventing the machine components from taking damage.
However, we suggest you avoid collisions and try not to work on rocky surfaces.
Because the machine is equipped with a belt drive transmission system, the rotating disc features an engage/disengage lever (upper red lever). This innovating rotary sickle mower allows engaging the rotating disc only when necessary, so it can be disengaged when the operator doesn't need to use the blade. The machine can be moved around on its drive wheels while the disc is disengaged.
Large pneumatic wheels with tractor tyres: 13" x 6.00 - 6

The wheels feature protective hubcaps.
Central drive featuring oil-lubricated worm gear.
Focus on a detail of the steering bars (handlebars). All the main controls are placed in this area.
The upper red lever engages or disengages the blade deck.
The lower black lever o the right side engages forward motion.

The lower red lever on the left side engages reverse motion.

* both levers feature a safety device on the side.
Throttle control
Focus on a detail of the handlebar height adjusting system.
The steering bars fixing point is covered in a layer of vibration-damping rubber.
This self-propelled petrol rotary sickle mower features a quick-fit system that allows replacing the rotating disc and switching between optional attachments.
Weight: 60 kg
Assembly takes 1 hour (the machine is 95% assembled).
Product Features
M502 - B&S 625
Body material:
Enamelled steel
floating knives rotary disc
spark ignition
Recommended working surface:
4000 m²
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor/Engine brand:
Briggs & Stratton
Engine Model:
Motor type:
4 stroke
Cubic Capacity:
150 cm³
Number of cylinders:
single cylinder
Rated output:
5 HP
Power supply:
Overhead valve
Engine lubrication type:
Oil bath
Pressure reducing system:
Tank capacity:
1.5 L
Motor/blade transmission:
Middle drive belt
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Drive belt
Gear shifting mechanics:
Oil bath gearbox
Number of forward speeds:
Number of reverse speeds:
Forward speed:
2,1 km/h
Reverse speed:
1,1 Km/h
Actioning :
Gear lever
Cutting data
Blade movement:
N° of knives:
Blade engagement:
Lever on the handle
Cutting width:
57 cm
Multi-tool (additional accessories available):
Blade cutting deck:
on request
Scythe - sickle bar accessory:
Front brush accessory:
Snow plough accessory + snow chains:
CE compliant safety features:
Recoil Starter (cord):
Rear wheels size:
13 x 6.00 - 6"
Height adjustable handle:
Foldable/collapsible handlebar/s:
Free gifts/extra features
Free engine oil bottles :
Maintenance tool kit:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
60 Kg
On pallet
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
62 Kg
Assembly time:
30 minutes

Free gifts

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