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EuroPorter 400 Hydro tracked power barrow - dumper skip - 400 kg capacity

Load capacity
400 kg
Skip type
Tipping system
Maximum inclination
20 %
Motor brand
Engine Model
GX 160
Motor type
4 stroke
Cubic Capacity
163 cm³
Rated output
4 HP
Gear shifting system
Mechanical transmission
Power assisted steering
Manufacturing Country
Free items: 2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
Free items: 2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
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AgriEuro Europorter 400 power barrow

As the AgriEuro Europorter 400 tracked power barrow is a self-propelled machine powered by a 4-stroke Honda GX 160 engine is provided with dumper skip with hydraulic tipping system. It can arry loads up to 400 Kg. This machine is best suited for agricultural, zootechnical, construction industry and gardening purposes.

This power barrow consists of a mechanical transmission with sturdy gearbox in oil bath with differential lock inside. Inside the gearbox there are steering clutches in oil bath. The hydraulic tipping consists of a closed hydraulic circuit with hydraulic pump powered by a petrol engine.

Thanks to its sturdy frame made of steel and its manual transmission with 3 forward speed and 1 reverse speed, this is a versatile and efficient machinery.

Dumper hydraulic skip

As the high impact steel skip, is reinforced with tubular steel construction on the underside of the machine, it is intended to carry any load or to face any stress.

The loading platform is very close to the ground in order to make loading/unloading operations easier.

The sturdy hydraulic system consists of:

  • Oversized hydraulic pump;
  • Distributor equipped with handy pump activation lever;
  • Sturdy pneumatic ram with safety valve which has the function of blocking the skip in case of the pressure exceeds the pressure limits suddenly;
  • maximum tipping angle: 62 degrees.

You can control the hydraulic tipping by means of the proper lever.

Gearbox, parking brake and transmission

This power barrow is a self-propelled machine equipped with mechanical transmission with sturdy gearbox in oil bath with differential lock inside in order to increase traction on the two tracks. Inside the gearbox there are the steering clutches in oil bath.

Gearbox: big, reliable and efficient.

3 forward speed, 1 reverse speed.

Parking brakes:
They are connected to the transmission gear in order to guarantee more balance and safety. Release the controls to start the parking brakes automatically (the machine will be kept totally blocked even on steep slopes and even if the speed is put in neutral).

The sturdy and strong transmission allows managing the power steering by disconnecting its rotation and choosing which roller should drive. This power barrow consists of a mechanical transmission with sturdy gearbox in oil bath with differential lock inside. Inside the gearbox there are steering clutches in oil bath.

Focus on the oil level sight glass.

Tracks and tread pattern

Their width and structure are guarantee of extra-grip and balance on any type of ground. They are made of reinforced rubber as guarantee of extra grip on any surface and step.

Rear side of the “crawler” track with a upper sharp angle which allows to run easily on steps and any other obstacle.

Honda GX 160 engine

Latest EXTRA-POWERFUL Honda engine GX 160 Series with overhead valve.


Engine type
OHV single-cylinder, 4 stroke
Cylinder type
163 cm³
Compression ratio
9.0 : 1
Max revolutions per minute
3600 rpm
10.3 Nm / 1.05 kgfm / 2500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity
3,1 Litres
Fuel consumption
1,4 L/h at 3000 rpm
Dry weight
15,1 kg

Honda engine “GX” Series is a heavy-dutyè altamente professionale engine and is intended for hard working in the field of construction industry, agriculture, generators, welding machines etc. Their long-life and their reliability are their main characteristics.


Please carefully read the instructions manual before using.

Steel frame

The sturdy frame with thick steel box-section prevents vibrations and noise. The low center of mass guarantees a great balance while working.

The engine and the transmission are easily accessible to attempt maintenance.

Focus on the hub.

Focus on the area where you can adjust the track drive tension.

Net weight: 200 Kg.

Controls and adjustments

This machine is equipped with ergonomic controls which are very easy to use. They are efficient and make your machine very easy to manoeuvre for high standards of safety.

Big red start lever: you can move (forwards and backwards according to your needs) the power barrow by pressing this lever.

Moreover, it is equipped with safety brake that will immediately stop the machine in case of the operator stops holding the lever.

These two steering triggers on the underside of the right and the left handle stop the tracks drive.

You can control the steering according to the control lever allowing a comfortable access. By squeezing one of the two triggers partially, the track on that side will turn in that direction partially as well. In this way you can steer your tracked power barrow very easily avoiding sudden movements.

Focus on the lever for the hydraulic system activation.

Focus on the hydraulic system.

Focus on the oil level sight glass.

Focus on the accelerator handle.

Focus on the area where you can adjust the track drive tension.

Focus on the choke lever and fuel valve.

Focus on the control to stop the engine.

Product Features
EuroPorter 400 DUMPER
Type :
Load capacity:
400 kg
Skip type:
Tipping system:
Skip dimensions:
930 x 630 x 400 mm
Internal height:
260 mm
Maximum inclination:
20 %
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor/Engine brand:
Engine Model:
GX 160
Motor type:
4 stroke
Cubic Capacity:
163 cm³
Number of pistons:
Rated output:
4 HP
Power supply:
Overhead valve
Engine lubrication type:
Oil bath
Pressure reducing system:
Tank capacity:
2 L
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Gear shifting system:
Mechanical transmission
Transmission type:
gear transmission in oil bath
Gear shifting mechanics:
Oil bath gearbox
Number of forward speeds:
Number of reverse speeds:
Forward speed:
Max 4,8 Km/h
Reverse speed:
Max 2,1 Km/h
Actioning :
Gear lever
Manufacturing Country:
Parking brake:
Power assisted steering:
Track drive width:
180 mm
670 mm
Number of rollers:
Recoil Starter (cord):
Free gifts/extra features
Free engine oil bottles :
Maintenance tool kit:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
161x67x109 cm
Net weight:
200 Kg
On pallet
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
145x76x100 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
205 Kg
Hydraulic tail lift delivery:
Assembly time:
15 minutes

Free gifts

No. 2 oil bottles for 4-stroke engines

Extra features

This power barrow is shipped in its original package on pallet.

Instrunctions manual.

Engine instrunctions manual.

Maintenance tool.