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Einhell GC-GP 1046 N Set Self-priming Water Pump - stainless steel housing - 1000 W

Einhell GC-GP 1046 N Set Self-priming Water Pump - stainless steel housing - 1000 W
Double ECO packaging
Absorbed power
1000 W
Head lift
46 mt
Maximum suction depth
7 m
Hourly Flow Rate max
4600 L/h
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Einhell GC-GP 1046 N Set Electric Water Pump

The Einhell GC-GP 1046 N Set electric water pump is the ideal product for watering your home garden.

It allows you to draw rainwater from any source, such as cisterns and barrels, and be able to water plants, vegetable garden and flowers. Using rainwater is the best solution for watering plants: free of antiseptic additives, free of limestone and similar to the outside temperature. Far better than aqueduct water.
Using rainwater allows also for significant savings on the costs of domestic water.

This Einhell self-priming electric water pump is ideal for gardening enthusiast, a sturdy, high-performance water pump that is versatile and very practical and easy to use.

Compact design and very resistant structure with STAINLESS STEEL housing. Portable product, it stands out for its ease of use and transportation. Suitable for hobby use, it provides great and satisfying performance. Equipped with an on/off switch, it has a very high suction power, compression force and delivery, so as to ensure operation with the necessary pressure even at longer distances.

This electric pump has a 4600 L/h flow rate and a remarkable suction force.

It’s a high head water pump, in fact the maximum flow rate is 45 meters, this emphasizes the effective performance of this pump despite its small and compact size.

In additrion, this machine guarantees a maximum suction height of 7 meters.

There are two specific anti-freeze plugs on the pump body that are used to drain residual water.

The pump motor requires no maintenance and it features a thermal shield

The light weight and carrying handle make this electric pump model a practical and handy equipment.


These pumps are suitable for transferring water (from a tank to another filling container) or intended for "small" surface irrigation for the garden and outdoor areas. We do not guarantee the suitability for the combined use with sprinklers of different typologies or various real irrigation systems, (as they require the contribution of a qualified technician and a number of calculations in terms of flow rate, pressure, pipe diameters, valves, nozzles, and so on), which may require more specific types of pumps for water systems.

Technical features

STAINLESS STEEL body with threaded metal fittings on both the intake and discharge sides.
The high quality sliding ring seal is suitable for the daily needs and ensures a long service life.

Delivery fitting: 33,3 mm 1" IG

Inlet fitting: 33.3mm 1-" AG

Ignition switch : easy to turn on and off

Carrying handle for easy transportation

Maximum power absorbed: 1000 W

Max flow rate: 4600 l/h

Max head: 46m

Maximum suction height: 7 mt

Weight: 8 kg

Voltage 220-240 V - 50 Hz

Max operating temperature: 35°C

Power cable 1.5 mt


Product Features
GC-GP 1046 N Set
Absorbed power:
1000 W
Pump data
Hourly Flow Rate max:
4600 L/h
Head lift:
46 mt
Maximum suction depth:
7 m
Operating pressure:
Connection diameter:
32 mm
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Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
39x31x26 cm
Net weight:
8 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
10.4 Kg
Assembly time:

Standard equipment

Product shipped in its original box, along with maintenance manual.

Also provided with the home connection hose and the suction tube