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Double Packaging

The advantages of double packaging


  1. Intact products thanks to double cardboard protection; the double cardboard layer on each side gives the original packaging additional rigidity and around three times the external impact resistance compared to the single layer!

  2. It protects the environment by completely eliminating the spread of plastic (100% biodegradable and recyclable);

  3. It respects nature by eliminating the use of wooden pallets, against deforestation;

  4. Privacy protection, the outer box shows only the AGRIEURO logo, keeping the content anonymous;

  5. It can function as a “Gift Box”, because it is aesthetically pleasing and has a good finish.

  6. Easy return, makes repackaging easier in case of return of the purchase

Recyclable packaging

Our double packaging is made from 80% recycled cardboard and is itself 100% recyclable!

No plastic tape

To close our packages, we use paper tape, which is also fully recyclable.

No straps

Instead of a wooden pallet, we use a double box with cardboard spacer plugs at the bottom, which performs the same function as a pallet when handling goods. In this way we protect the environment against deforestation.

No film

Unless specified by the manufacturer, we do not use plastic film.

No polystyrene chips or air cushions

In order to protect the products and fill the spaces inside the packaging, we do not use polystyrene chips or plastic air cushions, but only paper that can be completely recycled.