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Double fuel-oil can, 5 + 2,5 lt, flexible nozzle

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ID: 2266
EAN: 8034063221388
MPN: 700 D

Double fuel and lubricating oil can
Capacity: 5 lt + 2,5 lt

This heavy-duty can complies with UN standards and is made of certified plastic material

Very popular among chainsaw users as they can use the 5 lt compartment for mix and the 2,5 lt compartment for chain lubricating oil.

Seal plug cap featuring a useful plastic string to prevent the cap from falling

Flexible pouring nozzle featuring an independent fixing watertight sleeve.

It allows to ration out fuel without any spill risk

The flexible pouring nozzle can be used on both can compartments.

The jerrycan body is made of high thickness plastic and this guarantees sturdiness and anti-hole resistance.

Moreover, the red colouring protects the content against deterioration caused by light exposure for perfect fuel conservation.

WARNING: petrol and fuel-oil mix tend to change their composition and to deteriorate when exposed to light. Thus, we don't recommend using traditional transparent cans, which are also unsafe.

Both compartments feature measuring guides for content measurement.