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Deca SC 60/700 Battery Charger - starter 12-24V with microprocessor - single-phase - wheeled charger

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EAN: 8011399029246

MPN: 330200

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Deca SC 60/700 Battery Charger - starter 12-24V with microprocessor - single-phase - wheeled charger
Power supply
Battery charger
Starter function
Nominal battery voltage
12 V - 24 V
Suitable for new generation batteries
Min Ah/max Ah battery capacity (12 V)
5 - 800
LCD display
Starting current
Manufacturing country
Product Features
SC 60/700
Product Type:
Battery maintainer starters
Battery charger:
Starter function:
Power supply:
230 V Electric:
Nominal battery voltage:
12 V - 24 V
Effective charging current (12 V):
60 Max Ah
Average charging current (12 V):
40 A
Safe start: it does not damage electronics:
Max. power absorption:
1.36 kW
Battery type:
Min Ah/max Ah battery capacity (12 V):
5 - 800
Suitable for Lithium-ion batteries:
Starting current:
Starting current (Amp 1 Volt/EL):
Voltage limitation circuit:
14,8(12V) - 29,6(24V)
Manufacturing country:
Suitable for new generation batteries
LCD display:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Original packaging
Gross weight (packaging included) :
24 Kg
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Deca SC 60/700 battery charger

Deca SC 60/700 is a heavy-duty wheeled battery charger provided with quick start-up function and it is controlled by microprocessor. High performing and comfortable product for easy use and transport even thanks to the long handle and to the wheels provided onm standard kit that are easy to assemble by any users. Double function: suitable for charging batteries and for starting vehicles. The item is ideal for all those users who are looking for high-performing and reliable product.

This unit is ideal for charging 12-24 Volts batteries with 4 up to 800 A ampergage. Lead batteried: WET with or without maintenance, AGM, GEL, Ca/Ca.

Possibility to set different charging positions: START ASSIST for quick start-up function; CB position for battery charging.

Provided with "Safe Charge & Boost" system that protects the electronics mounted in vehicles from any interference and over-voltage that may be generated during charging or during the quick start-up procedure.

Stepless charging current regulation: possibility to charge the battery by selecting the most suitable charging current. The charging current required by a battery depends on the battery type

Fine current adjustment: it allows the operator to optimally charge the batteries of any capacity Ah.

Upload multiple phase: the batteries are charged by appying sophisticated programs in several stages.

Floating system: the battery can be kept connected to the battery carger for an extended time. It keeps the battery ready to be used.

Equipped withi thermostatic protection againsts reverse polarity and short circuits.

Guaranteed Safety: car charger that protects the electronics mounted in vehicles, it does not produce sparks and it is protected against reverse polarity and short circuits. Thus, the charging voltage is also free of interference and voltage peaks.

Remote control for start-up procedure - integrated digital Voltmeter and Ammeter - Heavy-duty battery clamps provided on standard equipment.

Technical features

Power supply: 230V single-phase

Power: 1.3 - 13.5 KW; 1300 - 13500 W

Nominal battery voltage: 12 - 24V

Average charging current: 40 A

Effective charging capacity: 60 A Max

Charging positions: STEPLESS

Battery capacity: 5 - 800Ah min/max

Boosting current: 700 Ah up to 0 Volt

Boosting current: 400 Ah up to 1 Volt

Rechargeable battery type: Pb: WET MF, AGM, Ca/Ca

On/Off button

Charging position button: START - CB

Transport handle

Current regulator

Digital Voltmeter and Ammeter

Blade fuse: 100A

Wheels for easy transport

Supporting feet

Cables and battery clamps compartment

Free items & Standard equipment

Free items provided on standard kit

The batttery charger is shipped in its original packaging.

The item comes complete with:

- Cables and cable, battery clamp compartment

- Wheel kit

- Heavy-duty battery clamps

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