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Comet KL1600 Gold Extra cold water pressure washer

Axial Pump
Pump head material
Hourly Flow Rate max
480 L/h
Max pressure
150 bar
Hose reel
Rotating nozzle
just nozzle
Weight for symbol
13 kg
Manufacturing Country
Free water supply connection kit
For free 3 professional cleansers for pressure washers
Free items protection and storage tarp cover
Free water supply connection kit
For free 3 professional cleansers for pressure washers
Free items protection and storage tarp cover
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Comet KT 1750 Classic

Kaercher K5 Premium Full Control cold pressure washer with Home Kit included on standard kit has been re-designed compared to previous Kaercher Series. These pressure washers are designed to give you extra ease of use and efficiency.

This Series comes with "Home Kit" which includes T-Racer T350 Patio Cleaner attachment with pressure knob and No. 1 detergent bottle.

The Full Control Power Gun allows checking its main functions. The LED display shows the pressure setting: this will guide you to the ideal results in every cleaning task.

K5 models are versatile pressure washers thanks to their high-pressure hose guidance system, an increased foot plate and handy telescopic handle.

Reliable products

Unlike many “disposable” products on market, by choosing a Kärcher product you will have:

  • Service Center on the territory.
  • Spare parts availability.
  • Long life product.


The Pump and the Motor

Pressure: max 145 bar.

Flow rate: 8.33 L/min (500 L/h).

WCM induction water cooled down motor.

Unlike the other high pressure washers on market, the Kärcher ones have an innovative water cooling down system of the motor instead of the fan one. This water cooled system is a Kärcher exclusive and it is not present on any other pressure washer on market.

Alumium pump.

The alumnium it is made of, makes the pump light and resistant in the same time.

Pressure is very important for a pressure washer. Flow rate is even more important: very often, the low cost products have a big pressure but a low flow rate making these products inefficient. A minimum satisfactory flow rate must be at least 350 L/h.

Other features

Easy controls.

Quick connect system quick gun’s hoses connections. Very easy fast unblock with one only button.

“Total stop” system:
When released the water spraying button is off, machinery immediately switches off, switching on again when the user starts again the job. The advantages are:

  • Over heating prevention.
  • Pump’s life lengthening.
  • Consumption reducing.

High pressure hose guide.

Gun’s housing.

Rear tools compartment.

Telescopic handle for transport.

Water system linkage hose with end filter.

Useful wheels for transport.

Plug’n Clean system for detergent input:

  • More easy to use.
  • Decreases wastefulness.
  • You can replace detergent anytime.

With the Kärcher pressure washers is possible to use both Kärcher and other brands detergents. In this second case, detergent must be poured inside the Kärcher detergent’s bottle.

Assembly and equipment

The high pressure washer arrives already assembled and ready for use in its original package. Only handle remains to be mounted.

On standard equipment:

  • Spray gun
  • Foam tank
  • Two nozzles with adjustable jet
  • 8 m high pressure hose
Product Features
KL 1600 Gold Extra
Category :
Cold water
Detergent distribution:
Yes with kit
Integrated air compressor:
After-sales service:
DTS - double pump and engine:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Electric single-phase
Double electric engine:
Motor Speed (RPM):
2800 RPM
Max power absorption:
2.3 Kw
Cooling down:
Pump data
Pump brand:
Pump type:
3 axial cylinders
Axial Pump:
Pump speed number:
Pistons material:
Pump head material:
Brass head:
Max flow Rate:
8 L/min
Hourly Flow Rate max:
480 L/h
Operating Pressure:
150 bar
Max pressure:
150 bar
Pressure Regulator:
Plug 'n' Clean detergent tank:
Detergent tank:
Detergent adjuster:
extractable handle:
External detergent suction hose:
Quick connection:
Hose reel:
Hose holder:
Total Stop:
Easy Start:
Tools compartment:
Power cable holder:
Free gifts/extra features
Surface Cleaner:
Professional Gun:
Adjustable nozzle spray lance:
Lance with nozzle's quick fixing:
Professional lance:
Rotating nozzle:
just nozzle
Rotating nozzle:
Pressure hose:
8 m
Fixed water-brush:
Rotating water-brush:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
31 x 31 x 82 cm
Net weight:
13 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
42 x 40 x 98 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
14 Kg
Assembly time:
15 minutes

For Free

WATER SYSTEM LINKAGE KIT for pressure cleaner


  • Ø 15 mm yellow hose, 15 mt length
  • Male quick joint for the faucet joint (3/4" standard threading measure)
  • Standard quick female joint (to connect the hose to the quick male faucet's connection)
  • Female standard quick joint (for the male faucet joint). ACQUASTOP system: if the pressure washer or another tool is disconnected the water flow imemdiately stops; when the pressure washer is connected again the water flows. This avoid you to close the faucet any time you need to change the accessory or any time you unfasten the female pressure washer's joint.

  • Plastic adjustable lance with male quick joint.

    It can be connected to the hose when the pressure washer is not used for a universal employ.

    Useful to wash a surface before the pressure washer's use..

Connections and hoses linkage diagram and accessory hose on demand (water connection kit)

Free items: Protection and storage cover for pressure washers. Size: small

Essential to protect your pressure washer when not in use.

This cover is easy to apply. You'll be able to protect your pressure washer from dust and humidity in a jiff.

Thanks to the elastic lower edge it will adhere perfectly to the lower area of the pressure washer body.

Easy to fold. You can put it back in its box and it takes up very little space!

AgriEuro car shampoo set

This AgriEuro Car Wash shampoo set includes three different products for all kinds of vehicle cleaning and maintenance requirements.

The set includes:

  • Super-Car Clean: This is a vegetable-derived surfactant detergent (eco-friendly) with a pleasant scent. This is a concentrated solution, but it does not contain alkalis (lye or caustic soda and caustic potash). This car shampoo can remove all kinds of dirt, leaving your surfaces clean and shiny. The lack of alkalinity allows using this detergent on several types of surfaces - plastic, aluminium, painted surfaces, brass, bronze - without staining or discolouring them.
  • Self-Drying Wax: This is a hydroalcoholic self-drying solution designed to remove water from vehicles after washing them.
  • This product was especially created to help you dry your car or RV as it channels the water on horizontal surfaces creating large drops that are easy to remove. Moreover, this wax generates an invisible coating to bring your car's shine back.
  • Super Universal: This is a universal degreaser made from vegetable-derived surfactants (eco-friendly) and glycol mix, specifically designed to remove dirt from any surface. Perfect for: cars, bicycles, general equipment, tiles, floors, shelves, stoves and so on.

Standard equipment

The high pressure washer arrives in its original package.

Assembly instructions

  • Spray gun with protection device
  • Nozzles with adjustable jet
  • 8 m high pressure hose
  • Foaming kit