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Comet FDX2 13/180 BWD-K Petrol Pressure Washer – Honda GX200 petrol engine

Professional Linear Pump
Pump head material
Hourly Flow Rate max
780 L/h
Max pressure
180 bar
Pressure Regulator
Cubic Capacity
200 cm³
Rated output
6 HP
Motor type
4 stroke
Motor brand
Engine Model
Self priming pump
Weight for symbol
34 kg
Manufacturing Country
Free items: 2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
Gifts: First engine maintenance kit
Free protection and storage tarp cover
Free items: 2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
Gifts: First engine maintenance kit
Free protection and storage tarp cover
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ID: K502859

EAN: 8080546000513

MPN: 9020004600

Comet FDX2 13/180 BWD-K Petrol Pressure Washer

The heavy-duty FDX2 13/180 BWD-K Comet pressure washer is a professional equipment, ideal for the both hobby and professional users.

The Honda GX petrol engine ensures the highest levels in terms of both power reliability.

Large pneumatic wheels, which allow easily transport the pressure washer even in case of uneven conditions.

COMET with in-line pistons BWD-K model, provided with:

  • No. 3 ceramic pistons
  • bronze connecting rods
  • brass head


COMET is a leading company in the national scenery for the production of pressure washers and known worldwide for washing and agricultural pumps.

Made in Italy product

HONDA engine GX Series

Honda GX 200 petrol engine 6.0 HP

  • Extremely ease start-up
  • Automatic decompression (little force required in pulling the rope)
  • Surprisingly quiet
  • Low power consumption
  • Great output performance
  • Low vibrations

Additional values due to the HONDA engine type:

  • Historical reputation as "the best on the market" among the petrol engines
  • High innovation and technology
  • High reliability and durability

Petrol engine with overhead valve (OHV) technology

WHY CHOOSE A HONDA ENGINE "GX" Series? The first reason is related to the fact that most of the machineries that are actually available on the online market are powered by Chinese engines (unknown brands or sometimes absent). We highly discourage this machine models due to the poor reliability and quality. The Honda engine range is divided into two different product lines:

"GX” Series (highly-professional), it is designed for demanding requirements and heavy-duty jobs as regards the building and agricultural sectors, for powering welding equipment, and so on. It stands out for the high durability and reliability.

"GP” Series, which is intended for more limited requirements and domestic use. The latter is more convenient, but it obviously features a lower quality.

This PRESSURE WASHER MODEL IS POWERED BY A GX ENGINE (specifically the GX 200 petrol engine type).

Comet BWD-K pump

The Comet pumps are designed for professional and intensive use.

The outstanding quality of the materials and technical results make it a reliable and highly efficient equipment.

Pump group with IN-LINE PISTONS and THREE HIGH-RESISTANCE CERAMIC PISTONS with integrated bypass valve.

Specifically, the BWD-K model stands out for a number of features:

  • Stainless steel suction and delivery valves
  • CERAMIC PISTONS CERAMIC, that are highly resistant to corrosion
  • INTEGRAL-CONSTRUCTION (one-piece) CONNECTING RODS, made of bronze alloy
  • PRESSURE ADJUSTING VALVE with internal parts in stainless steel
  • KINEMATIC GEARS with high-quality over-sized bearings

Integrated oil checking device

Brass head (high-resistance)

Technical specifications

SELF-PRIMING: it is intended to even pumping water autonomously from streams, reservoirs, tanks, and so on.

Steel frame with folding handle. The carrying frame is also equipped with hose holder and spray gun compartment.

OPTIMAL PUMP FLOW RATE: 13 L/min (Max 780 L/h), among the highest on the market (the flow rate is the most important technical data of a pressure washer, even before the pressure, as it identifies the real power of the unit).


Large RUBBER pneumatic wheels to move and carry the pressure washer easily even on surfaces that are not perfectly smooth.

Integrated cleanser suction system with external suction probe (standard-supplied suction pipe)

OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 67 x 55 x 89 cm
WEIGHT: 40 kg

Product Features
FDX2 13/180 BWD-K
Spark ignition
Function :
Detergent distribution:
Low pressure
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor/Engine brand:
Engine Model:
Motor type:
4 stroke
Cubic Capacity:
200 cm³
Number of pistons:
Rated output:
6 HP
Motor Speed (RPM):
3600 RPM
Power supply:
Overhead valve
Engine lubrication type:
Oil bath
Pressure reducing system:
Tank capacity:
2 L
Manufacturing Country:
Pump data
Pump brand:
Pump type:
3 inline cylinders
Professional Linear Pump:
Pistons material:
Pump head material:
Brass head:
Flow Rate:
12.1 L/min
Max flow Rate:
13 L/min
Hourly Flow Rate max:
780 L/h
Operating Pressure:
170 bar
Max pressure:
180 bar
Pressure Regulator:
Pressure Regulator:
Security valve:
Manufacturing Country:
Self priming pump:
Detergent tank:
External detergent suction hose:
Hose reel:
Hose holder:
Rubber-coated soft grip:
Tools compartment:
Free gifts/extra features
Garden Hose adapter:
Free engine oil bottles :
Kit aspiration tube:
Maintenance tool kit:
Professional Gun:
Adjustable nozzle spray lance:
Lance with nozzle's quick fixing:
Rotating nozzle:
Pressure hose:
10 m
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
34 Kg
On pallet
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
67 x 55 x 89 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
40 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes

FREE GOODS: Spare parts and maintenance kit specific for engines

FREE GOODS: Spare parts and maintenance kit for the following engines:

  • Honda GX 120/GX 160/GX 200;
  • Honda GP 160/GP 200;
  • Loncin 120/160/196 cc;
  • Axo 120/160/196 cc;
  • Briggs&Stratton 950 series.

The kit includes:

2 bottles of 0.6 LEASY GRASS oil SAE 15W 40. Specific lubricant for 4-stroke engines of garden machinery up to 10 hp. Good quality of cleansing and dispersion.

1 GeoTech spark plug.

1 Professional spark plug wrench with junction specific for ride on mowers, rotary cutters and flail mowers with a heavy-duty engine.

1 Elliptical air filter made of foam as a spare part for engines.

1 Round air filter made of foam for engines with oil bath filter group.

WARNING: this kit cannot be fitted to other models and to different brands available on market. Its suitability to the products that are not purchased on our website is not ensured.

- - -

Protection and Storage Cover for Pressure Washers - Size: - Medium

Essential for protecting your machine when stored.

Questo cloth is quick and easy to apply; in a few seconds, your machine will be protected against dust and humidity.

It is equipped with an elastic band on the lower border to perfectly fit to the shape of the machine.

Easy to fold and store in its box and space-saving!

FREE: AgriEuro outdoor cleaner set

This AgriEuro Outdoor Cleaner kit includes three different products for outdoor surface cleaning and care.

This kit includes:

  • Gral cleanser: Mild antistatic cleanser designed for the removal of haloes and greasy dirt from glass, pottery, painted wood, leather, plastic, etc.
  • Oil & Smog Clean: This alkaline detergent was designed for degreasing equipment, machinery, concrete and tiles effectively.
  • Recommended for removing smog from the front of houses, outdoor staircases and pavements.
  • Mold & Moss Clean: This chlorine-based acid cleanser was designed to clean and sanitize simultaneously. This product is essential in removing mould and moss from dark areas and environments with high moisture level. Particularly suitable for removing bad odours. Its high sanitizing efficiency eliminates bacteria which cause unpleasant odour through fermentation.

Free items

The machine is shipped in its original packaging.

It comes completely assembled. It is required to the Operator to only screw 4 bolts for the handle assembly.

Free items included:

  • GH 301 spray gun provided with Swivel
  • Angled lance with cleanser head without nozzle
  • 25° blade jet nozzle
  • Hose: 10 m
  • Cleanser suction hose
  • Instructions Manual