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Combisystem 300 PP Pruning Saw on combisystem 210 to 390 cm aluminium telescopic pole

Blade length
32.5 cm
Extension pole length
210 - 390
Weight for symbol
1.65 kg
Manufacturing country
€ 91,28
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ID: K601748

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MPN: 3721-20

Combisystem Garden Saw on extension pole Combisystem 2/4 m

The GARDENA Combisystem 300PP pruning saw on 2 m telescopic pole is a professional cutting tool suitable for pruning in vineyards, olive groves and orchards.

The saw is equipped with a safety locking the handle grip, which ensures a safe and firm connection between the saw and the handle.

The fastening screw is firmly positioned so as to avoid being lost.

The Combisystem 300PP pruning saw for outdoor areas is equipped with a professional blade made of top-quality steel.

  • Blade length: 325 mm

The hard chrome treatment, which has undergone in the process makes it impervious to rust and any other atmospheric elements.

This blade also features precision-sharpened, impulse-hardened cross-blade toothing for exceptional durability and great cutting performance.

The pulse hardening used for this blade is a special high frequency heating technique whereby the teeth are heated and hardened instantly.

Thanks to this process, it is possible to localize the hardening only on the teeth, while the other section of the blade maintains its standard flexibility of the steel.

The pruning saw is equipped with a 325 mm hardened chrome blade for unrivalled strength and optimum working efficiency.

The product consists of high-quality components MADE IN GERMANY

Combisystem 210-390 cm telescopic pole

Provided with Telescopic Pole, Oval-shaped (not rounded) telescopic pole made of fine aluminium from 2 m to nearly 4 m length.

The total weight of the working tool is 1.6 Kg: the pruning shears only weighs 300 grams and the telescopic pole 1.3 Kg. This allows operating the cutting tool up to a maximum working height of 6 m. The handle is made with a Duroplast-covered handle, resin-reinforced plastic fibres that provides an excellent grip while minimizing the Operator’s effort.

The braking system prevents the inner part of the handle to brutally and accidentally slide, determining maximum rigidity and strength, and allowing a professional use, even for cutting jobs at considerable heights. The telescopic pole is adjustable from a minimum of 210 cm up to a maximum of 390 cm.

Easy and immediate pole adjustment. Thanks to user-friendly switch-mechanism of the locking device system, it allows extending the pole up to its maximum length due to hole interlocking system.

The telescopic pole is also provided with a safety closure. The braking system prevents the inner side of the handle to slid sharply, ensuring maximum rigidity and resistance, resulting in professional use even at considerable heights.

Product Features
Combisystem 300PP
Extension pole length:
210 - 390
Extension pole:
Telescopic pole locking device:
with lever
Manufacturing country:
Cutting data
Blade length:
32.5 cm
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Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Net weight:
1.65 Kg
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Gross weight (packaging included) :
3 Kg
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The pruning saw is shipped in its original packaging.