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CELME GPE300 Electric Meat Slicer, 300mm blade, 180W power supply

CE professional
Cutting blade diameter
300 mm
Rated output (W)
180 w
Transmission type
Removable trolley with detachment knob
Trolley material
yes - detachable
Free items: Meat slicer storage cover
Free item: Stainless steel cured meat pincers
Free items: 750 ml sanitizing cleaner for meat slicers
Free item: Lubricating oil bottle for meat slicer maintenance
Free items: Meat slicer storage cover
Free item: Stainless steel cured meat pincers
Free items: 750 ml sanitizing cleaner for meat slicers
Free item: Lubricating oil bottle for meat slicer maintenance
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CELME GPE300 Meat Slicer

This meat slicer is known to be the top of the CELME GPE series featuring the biggest-sized blade among this category meat slicers and stonger electric motor together with a sturdy design fully made of die-cast aluminium, which ensures longer durability and higher corrosion resistance compared to all the other enamelled models.

Thus, the detachable sharpener plays an important role in maintaining the blade efficiency and in getting perfect cuttings.

It consists of an anti-adherent steel blade with grooves of 300 mm diameter and it is powered by a heavy-duty ventilated silent electric motor rated at 180W power supply.

These feature allow the cutting of cured meats and other products without much difficulties.

The CELME GPE300 meat slicer is renowned to be a sturdy small-sized machine suitable for professional use, featuring an overall size of 60x47x45 cm and 23 Kg weight.

It is ideal for the c utting of meats, cured meats, cheese and white bread.

It has been designed by following the safety standards existing at the moment and it features a number of characteristics. It is possible to describe these as follows:

  • Steel blade with edges, which make it an anti-adherent of 300 mm diameter.
  • Blade cover guard made of die-cast aluminium fixed by means of a rear screw as for the high-level professional machines.
  • Machine body fully made of die-cast aluminium which ensures the highest levels of safety in contact with food.

Focus on the easy-to-handle thickness adjusting knob, which manages the cutting thickness from 0 up to 16 mm.

Heavy-duty Meat Slicer with CE certification

The CE Professional Meat Slicers are intended in order to meet the requirements of all those professional operators.

The range of meat slicers available on our website consists of all machines with CE professional certification and they share some specific characteristics.

  • Meat slicers made of aluminium, which ensures the best-quality cutting.
  • Easy lo clean and safe machines.
  • International patented meat slicers, designed in accordance with CE certifications.

All the meat slicers with CE professional certification are recommended for restaurants, butcher and meat shops, bars and hotels.

More in detail, the machines with CE professional certification ensures higher safety levels as regards the blade and carriage disassembling and a better manageability compared to CE home slicers.

Cutting platform

The steel blade manages the cutting and it is equipped with grooves that allows avoiding the cured meat sliding on the cutting surface especially in case of soft materials.

  • Blade diameter: 300 mm
  • Blade support with double ball bearings

The graduated knob allows making minimal cuts from 0 mm to 16 mm diameter.

The blade cover guard is removable thanks to a rear screw as for the professional machines, which ensures a deeper level of cleanliness of both the blade and the internal side of the machine.

The cutting plate allows the cutting of meats having 210x165 mm size.

The product that has to be cut rests on a carriage made of die-cast aluminium. This last feature makes possible to prevent aluminium rusting on the cured meats during the cutting. Thus, focus on the large and comfortable meat press knob.

The cutting plate dimensions are 220x220 mm size, which slides on a carriage having a metallic guide covered by a metallic panel.

The meat slicer is equipped with movable bracket with edges represents an additional safety feature and it is used in order not to allow the product sliding on the machine.

Motor and transmission

The meat slicer is powered by a heavy-duty electric silent motor that limits the heating up.

Focus on the belt drive transmission and blade holder with double ball bearing.

The electric motor is rated at 180W power supply and it is powered by 230v electric power.

These feature allow the cutting of meats and cured meats without much difficulties.

More details

The heavy-duty CE meat slicer is a fully made-in-Italy product, quality and sturdiness assurance.

The CELME FA 300 is renowned to be a solid meat slicer suitable for both professional and private use featuring an overall size of 60x47x45 cm and e a weight of 23 Kg.

Detail of the professional two-button on/off switch with resetting device.

The meat slicer is mounted on 4 anti-slip rubber feet.

Detail of the panel, which allows the food carriage lubrication.

Detail of the schuko cable.

Two-whetstones tool included on standard equipment.

Assembly procedure:

Adjust the cutting thickness to its maximum diameter.

Screw the sharpener to the cured meat surface.

Place the cutting group.


Please, carefully read the instructions manual before starting the machine.

Product Features
GPE 300
CE professional
Cutting blade material:
tempered steel
Cutting blade diameter:
300 mm
Base material:
Colour design:
Background plate material:
Anti-fouling system:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Electric single-phase
Rated output (W):
180 w
Power supply:
220V power supply
Motor/blade transmission:
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Cutting data
Removable trolley with detachment knob:
Cutting height:
195 mm
Cutting width:
245 mm
Maximum cutting thickness:
16 mm
Plate dimensions:
220 x 220 mm
Trolley material:
Removable trolley with detachment knob:
Trolley stroke:
250 mm
Trolley base material:
yes - detachable
Professional switch with reset:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
60x47x45 cm
Net weight:
26 Kg
On pallet
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
66x52x51 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
28 Kg
Assembly time:

MAXI OFFER: Storage cover + Cleaner + Oil lubricator + Pinsers included!

We offer a fantastic meat slicer kit provided on standard equipment, which consists of:

  • Slicer protection cover: cotton embroidered cover. Ideal for protecting your slicer.
  • Sanitizing cleaner (750 ml). It features pleasant odours, suitable for everyday use. It allows eliminating greasy dirt and grease from any washable surface (steel, laminates and plastic). Ideal for cleaning meat slicers and food equipment, refrigerated counters, butchers and supermarkets. Easy-washing product.
  • Oil lubricator: it allows the lubrication and protection of all the mechanical parts (125 ml).
  • Cured-meat pincers: stainless steel ham pincers. Comfortable and ergonomic.

Extra features

The meat slicer is sent to you in its original packaging.

Multilingual instructions

Thus, the detachable sharpener included on standard equipment plays a role in maintaining the blade efficiency and in getting perfect slices.