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Castellari PS 35 PT Extendable pruning saw - 4 metre aluminium telescopic pole saw pruner

Blade length
35 cm
Extension pole length
200 - 370 cm
Weight for symbol
1.5 kg
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€ 78,58
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ID: 102428
EAN: 8033803890037
MPN: PS 35 P 4

Extendable pruning saw

This Castellari extendable pruning saw or pole saw pruner was designed for vineyards, olive tree groves and orchards.

Extremely light and highly resistant. Suitable for very large branches - these extendable pruning saws can tackle branches that are even larger than 42 mm in diameter.

The telescopic pole is adjustable.
Minimum length: 200 cm
Maximum length: 400 cm
Adjusting the pole is fast and easy. Simply lift the lever on the blocking device, stretch the pole out until it reaches the desired length and lower the lever to lock it.

Hard chrome-plated pruning saw

The Castellari pruning saw features a very sturdy, yet light blade.

The hard chrome plating on the blade prevents rust and any other weather and environment effect.

Thus, the blade is also very easy to clean once you're done pruning.

The sharp, impulse hardened blade teeth ensure great durability and amazing pruning performances.

The two curved ends at the bottom and at the top of the blade ensure full control and reduced effort as the pruning saw won't release the branch. Thus you can run the pruning saw on the branch using its entire length for great cutting performances and the saw will stay on the branch you're pruning (it would be quite tricky repositioning the saw in the same spot with such a long pole). Simple pruning saws that don't feature these curves are hard to use and uncomfortable plus the saw can come out of its spot anytime.

Morever, the two curved ends have very sharp inner edges. When running the whole pruning saw blade on the branch, these sharp ends will cut into the bark on both sides. Thus, the result will be a clean cut. The branch will come off with no need to drag it and without ripping the bark and damaging the tree permanently.

Product Features
PS35PT 4m
Extension pole length:
200 - 370 cm
Extension pole:
Telescopic pole locking device:
with lever
Manufacturing Country:
Cutting data
Blade length:
35 cm
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Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
1.5 Kg
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
210 x 18 x12 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
7 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes