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Carlton Saw Chain Roll for Chainsaw - A3LM-1640E (Ref.Oregon 75LG-LP)

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Carlton Saw Chain Roll for Chainsaw - A3LM-1640E (Ref.Oregon 75LG-LP)
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Carlton Saw Chain Roll

For over 50 years, the Carlton brand has the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality chainsaw chains made in the USA.

The practical 30 m roll allows you to always have a quality chain ready for servicing your chainsaw.

This Carlton chain is entirely made of high-strength steel with an industrial chrome plating which allows it to keep its sharpness for a very long time.
These chains are designed for continuous and professional use.

The roll is supplied together with several closing links and cardboard boxes for chains, allowing you to create ready-to-use chain kits, according to your needs.

Chain pitch 3/8”
Guide links thickness 0,063" - 1,6 mm
Link type Chisel
Adaptable ref. Oregon 75LG-LP


There are three basic designs of of cutting teeth on modern chainsaws: Square, Semi-Round, Round.

Which one to choose?

The choice obviously depends on your needs.

ROUND (fig.A): features thick top and side plates and a large radius cutting edge. This type of chain is very durable and easy to sharpen but requires a lot of power.

SEMI-ROUND (fig.B): it is a more aerodynamic model and cuts 10-15% faster than a round chain. It features a tapered top plate, a raised side plate and a smaller radius at the leading edge. This greatly increases cutting efficiency without sacrificing too much durability; it requires less power than the round model.

SQUARE (fig. C): designed for maximum efficiency (it is the most efficient of the 3 types). The leading edge is a sharped right angle. The square cutting edge of the chisel chain cuts faster as it cuts through all the wood fibres at once. Therefore, the chisel-toothed chain is better suited to upright and clean trees. When properly sharpened, it offers the best cutting performance of all.

Chain with round teeth is the most durable in abrasive conditions. Chain with square teeth is very widespread, but the leading edge is more easily damaged, making it an unfortunate choice in abrasive conditions. The chain with semi-round teeth is the best compromise between speed and durability.


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