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Campagnola Alice STAR 2-Stroke Kawasaki Engine - Internal Combustion Olive Harvester - 185-270 cm Aluminum Pole

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ID: K607358

EAN: 9999991101944

MPN: ETRA.0145

Campagnola Alice STAR 2-Stroke Kawasaki Engine - Internal Combustion Olive Harvester - 185-270 cm Aluminum Pole
Campagnola sweatshirtCampagnola sweatshirt
Cotton glovesCotton gloves
Protective gogglesProtective goggles
Noise-canceling earmuffsNoise-canceling earmuffs
AgriEuro BandanaAgriEuro Bandana
Multi-purpose Lithium spray grease - 400 mlMulti-purpose Lithium spray grease - 400 ml
Head material
Technopolymer / Carbon
Rotary, double
Max. prongs opening
35 cm
Telescopic pole
Max. length
270 cm
Nominal power
1.03 HP
Motor position
At the bottom of extension pole
Motor type
Cubic capacity
26.3 cm³
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Head material:
Technopolymer / Carbon
Spark ignition
Operating mode:
Motor position:
At the bottom of extension pole
Rotary, double
No. of prongs:
Prongs length:
28 cm
Prongs material:
High-resistance technopolymers
Max. prongs opening:
35 cm
Min. length:
185 cm
Max. length:
270 cm
Pole material:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor brand:
Motor type:
Cubic capacity:
26.3 cm³
Nominal power:
1.03 HP
Tank capacity:
0.5 L
Recoil start system (with rope):
Telescopic pole:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
370 x 16 x 35
Net weight:
6 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
27 x 83 x 30
Gross weight (packaging included) :
8.2 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes
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Alice STAR 2-Stroke Engine Olive Harvester

Alice STAR olive harvester, powered by a Kawasaki 2-stroke internal combustion engine with a 9:1 compression ratio, is ideal for those who wish to operate in complete autonomy, avoiding the need to carry batteries or additional compressors.

The POWER MOTOR unit, operated by a 2-stroke internal combustion engine, generates a rotary motion that is adequately reduced through a planetary gearbox.

The Alice olive harvester head, designed for professional use, is distinguished by its elliptical opposed movement patented by Campagnola, and by its remarkable harvesting efficiency on olive groves with fruits of various types and stages of ripeness.

When the power unit is combined with the pole and harvester head, the harvester becomes an ideal tool for harvesting olives and other fruits.

The Kawasaki engine is distinguished by its high performance and long service life.

Unlike other harvesters on the market, Alice provides mobility, power and reliability, without the need for ground cables.

In addition, the pole is connected via a clamp connection, facilitating fast and efficient replacement.


This professional olive harvester mounts a Kawasaki TJ27E single-cylinder petrol engine, 2-stroke valve piston with forced air cooling.

Engine that guarantees efficiency and durability being from Kawasaki, the industry leader.

A catalytic is mounted in the exhaust system in order to considerably reduce the exhaust emissions.

The Kawasaki 2-stroke engine is powered by fuel-oil mixture at the following ratio: 50:1.

Innovative design thanks to the new integral hood, with KAR easy start and Kawasaki scavenging system.

Centrifugal clutch installed and horizontal shaft, the engine weights 2.6 kg only.

Recoil start.

Focus on the filter

  • Engine type: 2-stroke single-cylinder
  • Compression ratio: 9 : 1
  • Cylinder capacity: 26.3 cm³
  • Net power: 0.77 kW (1.03 HP) / 7500 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 1.8 Nm / 5000 rev/min
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.5 L
  • Dry weight: 2.6 kg

Head and Tine Mechanics

Unique and distinctive DUAL MOTION: while the rakes swing in a right-to-left motion, at the same time the individual tines move in the opposite direction, creating an 8 x 7 cm ellipse that allows a larger harvesting radius. This special swinging and rotating motion reduces to minimum the vibrations transferred to the operator.

Most manufacturers rely on the old system with an easy horizontal right-left motion. Our innovative system with double elliptical counter rotating motion is technologically more advanced.

Amazing advantages:

  • Bigger harvest capacity of each single rod
  • Superior collection capacity over 50%
  • Almost non-existent damage to twigs
  • Drastically reduced vibrations (thanks to the 2 counter rotating motions that counterbalance)
  • Bigger working radius of the 2 rakes. In fact, as they rotate they alternately approach and recede at high speed, reaching a considerable distance from each other on the receding phase, thanks also to the exceptional length of the teeth themselves. This reduces the frequency of movement of the rakes and their repositioning within the crown.

The Campagnola Alice is by far the combustion engine-driven harvester with the highest hourly harvesting capacity. It can be used on well pruned and thin plants, or it can be introduced into and extracted repeatedly from not pruned and very thick plants (that do not allow the machine to slide through).

Telescopic Pole

New, very light aluminium telescopic pole (longer than the previous models) equipped with quick fixing.

Length of telescopic pole: 185/270 cm

The length of this pole is the ideal configuration of this olive harvester, because the engine is mounted at the end of the pole.

Excellent in case of lower olive trees, we recommend holding the pole in the middle to keep the weight balance at 50-50, making it even more manageable to use.

Controls and Other Features

This olive harvester is particularly efficient because it features many details that make it easy to manage.

Main features:

  • Lightweight and powerful engine
  • Ergonomic single handle for a greater stability
  • Easy to access controls on the handle
Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY: ear protection muffs, goggles, headscarf, gloves + grease spray


Protective earmuffs to work with maximum comfort
The ear protection as to be the one recommended for all working conditions. Indeed, the earmuffs provided on the standard kit are specifically designed to protect the operator against the noise coming from the brush cutter.

Protective goggles that can be used as an alternative to the visor mask.
Protective mask goggles in polycarbonate with CE certificate, equipped with antifog and anti-scratch panoramic screen. The ventilation is ensured thanks to the holes made on the frame to avoid obfuscation and to improve comfort of use.

AgriEuro Headscarf

Cotton gloves with rubber waves, for greater comfort and a secure and stable grip on the equipment

Multipurpose lithium grease spray, 400 ml, to lubricate the internal transmission gears of the olive harvester Universal lithium grease suitable for any type of lubrication both on kinematic devices and on rotating ones.

Standard Equipment

Shipped in 2 parcels: engine and head, pole.

  • Instructions manual
  • Interchangeable tines
  • Padded shoulder strap
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