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Bushing with Control Valve, Swivelling for Extension Poles

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Bushing with Control Valve, Swivelling for Extension Poles
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Bushing with Control Valve, Swivelling for Extension Poles

It can be applied in place of the standard handle that we supply as standard on all our extension poles.

It can only be used with pneumatic olive harvesters.
It absolutely cannot be used with pneumatic pruning shears or chainsaws because it is non-functional and, above all, not safety-compliant.

Simply unscrew the supplied handle and screw this bushing with control valve in its place.

Once opened its air valve, it allows using the combs without having to hold the control all the time, as in the handle.

It allows you to hold the pole where you want, even in the middle, without having to hold the handle control. It therefore allows you to slide the pole in your hands to reach higher or lower points.

To stop the harvester, simply close the valve.

Equipped with a 360° swivel brass fitting

However, our personal opinion is that even the standard handle that comes with our poles is absolutely fine to use for olive harvesting.

We offered this attachment for sale because it is particularly popular in specific regions here in Italy.

Whoever decides to purchase this accessory, once the olive harvest is complete, will remove it from the pole, in order to remount the standard lever handle, so that they can use all the other equipment (shears, chain saws, hedge trimmers, etc.)

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