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Car Battery Starters - Portable Emergency Starters for all vehicles - Safety and Reliability

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Battery Starters

Avviatori di Batterie

The best battery starters on the market, excellent value for money

In this category you can find car battery starters. It is an excellent product when it comes to solving unforeseen and complicated situations in a simple and effective way. The emergency car starter meets a variety of needs. Our offer includes very different Telwin products, which can therefore fulfil multiple functions.
Telwin Flash Start 700 is a portable car starter, small and lightweight, equipped with ultra capacitor technology. Since it does not have a battery it is maintenance-free: it uses the residual energy of the battery to start the different vehicles. This allows starting even at low temperatures and also starting diesel engines at low temperatures.
Telwin Start Plus 6824 is a heavy-duty  car starter for 24V trucks, bulldozers and tractors, as well as 12V cars, vans, boats and generators. This heavy-duty portable car starter is equipped with wheels and a double handle for easy transport and, thanks to its advanced technology, never damages the electronics of the vehicle. This is the most performing model on the market.


Here you can find a QUICK BUYING GUIDE for battery chargers to select, in a few simple steps, the product that best suits your needs. 
We will show you how to use the FILTERS to quickly select the products. The first two filters, BRAND and PRICE, are entirely up to you, so let's focus on the more technical ones. 



    • PRODUCT LEVEL: consider the intensity and frequency with which you are going to use your battery charger and select a sufficiently high level;
    • NOMINAL BATTERY VOLTAGE: one of the best filters to use because in just one click it will select the chargers suitable for a specific car battery, depending on its voltage of 6, 12 or 24V.
    • MAX. BATTERY CAPACITY: the function of this filter does not differ much from the previous one, and it is very useful if you already know the maximum capacity of the battery to be recharged. Remember that you can also select multiple options in the same filter to make the search even more effective;
    • STARTER FUNCTION : battery chargers with this function are battery starters for vehicles and characterize all products in this category.

    • All you need for Workshop and Do-It-Yourself . A range of over 6 Battery Starters at the best price sale on the online market.
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