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Annovi & Reverberi 2.0 PE Cold Water Pressure Washer - Max 160 bar pressure

Annovi & Reverberi 2.0 PE Cold Water Pressure Washer - Max 160 bar pressure
Axial Pump
Hourly Flow Rate max
460 L/h
Max pressure
160 bar
Rated output
2.2 kW
Mode switch
Hose reel
Rotating nozzle
just nozzle
Detergent tank capacity
Weight for symbol
11 kg
Detergent tank
Rotating brush KIT
Free water supply connection kit
Rotating brush KIT
Free water supply connection kit
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Annovi Reverberi 2.0 PE pressure washer

The Annovi Reverberi 2.0 PE pressure washer represents an ideal machine designed for hobby use.

The machine is equipped innovative SPEED DUAL SYSTEM, which allows to adjust the machine speed depending on the Operator’s needs: from a slower speed, which is ideal for the most delicate working requirements up to a single speed that is able to use all the power of the pressure washer to easily remove even the most stubborn dirt.

Equipped with pump that consists of three axial pistons made of tempered stainless steel, which are managed by swiveling plate with a aluminium head. The pump is equipped with thermal protection and safety valve for automatic pressure reset.

Thus, it comes provided with a practical hose reel with side handle and 6 m hose. The machine, even thanks to its small overall size along with the two wheels and the upper handle, is renowned to be extremely easy to carry and transport and it can be used wherever needed.

The machine can ensure a maximum pressure of Max 160 bar and a suction capacity of 460 L/h. This pressure washer model is powered by a single-phase electric motor 2.2 kW.

Good performance: ideal for cleaning up garden furniture, tools, bikes, patios and additional applications.

Reliable products

Unlike many of the “single-use” items available on the market at very low price, choosing an Annovi & Reverberi pressure washer you will have:

  • Original spare parts availability
  • Long-lasting product
  • High performance

Free item: water connection kit

Dual Speed System

The SPEED DUAL SYSTEM represents the newest and latest-technology revolution about the Annovi Reverberi- branded pressure washers. This system allows adjusting the pressure washer performance according to the Operator’s needs and requirements. Indeed, it will be possible to choose between the MAX SPEED and the ECO SPEED by simply turning the switch located on the front side of the unit, allowing to select two different working speeds and make the best use of the pressure washer.

ECO SPEED: the eco-speed instead is perfect to use in case of lower cleaning requirements, resulting in 30% reduction of the consumptions in terms of water and energy of the unit. It can be used for cleaning up the most delicate surfaces such as wooden outdoor furniture, outdoor fabrics, bikes still providing a great quality-consumption ratio.

MAX SPEED: It uses all the power of the pressure washer. Ideal in case of demanding requirements and particularly deep and stubborn dirt. This mode is particularly suitable for use requiring high and deep cleaning power such as stone surfaces, concrete or brick as well as for cleaning up gardening or working tools and equipment, vehicles and metal gates.

Pump and motor

Pressure: Max 160 bar

Max flow rate: 7.66 L/min (460 L/h)


The 2.0 PE pressure washer consists of 3-axial pistons, which are managed by the swiveling plate, tempered STAINLESS steel pistons. Automatic safety valve with pressure reset located on the pump head.

  • Tempered stainless steel pistons
  • Automatic safety valve with pressure reset located on the pump head.
  • Remote total stop system of the pressure washer.
  • Motor thermal protection
  • 6 m High pressure hose with hose reel

The pressure represents a fundamental data while dealing with this category of machinery. An additional and more important technical specification is represented by the flow rate: the cheapest items may often feature a high pressure, but a very short flow rate resulting in inefficient units. The minimum flow rate must be at least 350 L/H.

Main features

Speed adjustment central button

Here below the main features of the pressure washer

  • Comfortable and user-friendly hose reel
  • Side lance holder
  • Hose reel handle
  • Lower handle
  • Upper handle
  • Rear nozzle compartment
  • Space designed for the removable cleanser tank

Assembly and standard-supplied equipment

The machine comes complete with:

  • Spear
  • Water mains fitting
  • Cleanser tank: 0.4 ml
  • Rotating nozzle
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • 6 m hose
  • Mini Patio
  • Gun provided with click-fast system for the high-pressure hose quick coupling.
  • Power cable: 5 m
Product Features
2.0 PE
Function :
Cold water
Rated output:
2.2 kW
Detergent distribution:
Low pressure
Integrated air compressor:
After-sales service:
DTS - double pump and engine:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor/Engine brand:
Annovi Reverberi
Motor type:
Electric single-phase
Double electric engine:
Motor Speed (RPM):
3400 RPM
Max power absorption:
2.2 Kw
Cooling down:
Manufacturing Country:
Pump data
Pump brand:
Annovi & Reverberi
Pump type:
3 axial cylinders
Axial Pump:
Pump speed number:
Pistons material:
Pump head material:
Aluminium head:
Max flow Rate:
8 L/min
Hourly Flow Rate max:
460 L/h
Operating Pressure:
107 bar
Max pressure:
160 bar
Manufacturing Country:
Plug 'n' Clean detergent tank:
Detergent tank:
Detergent tank capacity:
Detergent adjuster:
extractable handle:
External detergent suction hose:
Quick connection:
Hose reel:
Hose holder:
Mode switch:
Rubber-coated soft grip:
Easy Start:
Tools compartment:
Power cable holder:
Pressure regulator on the spray gun:
Quick hook:
Free gifts/extra features
Surface Cleaner:
Wooden pallet (Safe shipment):
Professional Gun:
Adjustable nozzle spray lance:
Lance with nozzle's quick fixing:
Professional lance:
Rotating nozzle:
just nozzle
Rotating nozzle:
Pressure hose:
8 m
Fixed water-brush:
Rotating water-brush:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
30x33.5x80 cm
Net weight:
11 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
36x34x82 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
13.3 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes

For Free

WATER CONNECTION KIT for pressure washer


  • Yellow tube Ø 15 mm, length 15 mt
  • Male quick connector for tap connection (size of the standard thread: 3/4 “)
  • Standard female quick connector (to insert the hose into the male quick connector for tap connection)
  • Female quick connector with WATERSTOP (to be put at the lower end of the hose for connecting it to the pressure washer). Waterstop system: when the pressure washer, or another device is disconnected, the water flow stops automatically; when the pressure washer is re-connected, the water starts to flow again. This allows to avoid going to the tap every time you disengage the female connector from the pressure washer and at each change of accessories.

  • Plastic adjustable lance with male quick connector.

    It is possible to connect it to the hose when the pressure washer is stored, to use it universally. Useful also for irrigation operations. It is equipped with adjustable nozzle (direct or cone).

    Useful also for the rinsing of a surface before spreading the detergent for the next wash with a pressure washer.

Fittings and hose connection diagram of this optional accessory (water connection kit)

FREE: Brushes + Filter kit

Thanks to a series of connectors, this cold water pressure washer brush + filter kit is compatible with current pressure washer models by:


Annovi & Reverberi – Black&Decker – Bosch – Stanley

Comet - Interpump - Kranzle


The set includes:

Rotary wash brush: this rotating brush is suitable for those who need to power-wash surfaces. The brush rotation allows the bristles to remove very stubborn dirt.

Fixed brush: this fixed wash brush is suitable for cleaning sensitive surfaces gently as the user can control the amount of pressure and friction applied by the brush. We recommend using this brush to clean vehicles and sensitive surfaces.

Water filter:
The water filter is to be inserted in the pressure washer water hose inlet to prevent debris from entering the pump unit and damaging it. The filter is transparent so you can inspect it visually at all times and check whether it is clean or not. The filter features a Ø 1" female connection to fit in the pressure washer and a Ø 3/8" male connection to fit in the hose.

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WARNING: this accessory was designed exclusively for cold water.

Free items provided on standard equipment

The pressure washer is shipped in its original packaging.

Multilingual Instructions

  • High pressure gun
  • Lance with rotating jet
  • Lance with adjustable jet
  • Mini Patio
  • Cleanser tank
  • Water mains fitting
  • High pressure hose: 8 m