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Aima GT 30 Electric Pruning Shears, 5 Ah Li-Po battery, max 30-35 mm Ø cutting width

Aima GT 30 Electric Pruning Shears, 5 Ah Li-Po battery, max 30-35 mm Ø cutting width
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Recommended for orchards
Recommended for vineyard
Blade openings
Rated output (W)
370 w
Battery type
Battery quantity
24 V
5 Ah
Battery indicator
Electronic unit separated from the shears
Separated from the shears
Pruner configuration
Manual shears
Max branch cutting diameter
35 mm
Secateurs weight
840 gr
Manufacturing Country
For free: one replacement blade
For free: one replacement blade
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AIMA GT 30 Electric Pruning Shears with 5 Ah Li-Po battery

The AIMA GT 30 electronic shears are the AIMA new model of secateurs, patented tool of professional level designed for the trees, shrubs, bushes etc.

These easy to manage and light shears guarantee easy and efficient pruning operations, making them affordable, even the most demanding ones. Battery, with up to 10 hours autonomy, is easily carried on a useful backpack.

The AIMA GT 30 electronic shears have a new 5 Ah Lithium Polymer battery. It is compact and have the electronic control board embedded. Lithium-polymer batteries are one of the best and most recent technologies in the world.

Besides these innovations, this professional product has some outstanding features representing its strengths:

• Backpack for the lithium polymer battery

•3 cutting modes

• Light and ergonomic

30-35 mm maximum cutting diameter

• For intensive and professional use


Extremely compact: the LiPo battery is contained in proper pocket of the backpack. This detail allows the operator to move freely while using the shears.

Detail of the wide holster:

Power and performance: 30-35 mm Ø cutting width (depending on the kind of wood). These performances are possible thanks to the 370 watt engine.

Electronics is far from shears: an electronic controller embedded in the battery manages all functions. Control panel for the modes setting with display can be assured to the knapsack belt. This features makes the electric shears very maneuverable and lightweight while the electronics is less exposed to accidental hits and similar inconveniences.

Bladeparticular shape helps cutting operations avoiding forced wrist and hand movements.

GT 30 electric shears allow up to 30-35 mm diameter branches cut, depending on the kind of wood. For lower diameter branches it may be helpful to use the upper button to reduce the blades opening and consequently speed up the shears cut.

Detail of the three positions:

  • Widely opening
  • Medium opening
  • Minimum opening

5 Ah Lithium Polymer battery

Lithium Polymer 24 V Battery, one of the best technologies.

The energy density of the lithium polymer batteries is 20% higher than the lithium lion batteries and three times more than the NiCd and NiMH ones.

Light and performing, it doesn't need long time to be charged. It guarantees more than 10 working hours with a charge time of about 4 hours.

1000-1200 recharging cycles guaranteed.

It can be carried in the backpack pocket for the better working comfort.

Batteries have no memory. This means they can be recharged even if non completely dicharged and always keeping their maximum efficiency.

They are not affected by overheating problems and guarantee the maximum safe and the longest lifetime compared to the lithium batteries.

The residual charge is clearly shown on the display located at the battery top.

Detail of the switching on button shears and functioning led.

Hand grip and backpack

Ergonomic handgrip with anti-slip rubber covering with a perfectly balanced weight distribution for an extremely comfortable use.

Focus on the trigger with a wide trigger guard to suit any hand size.

The professional backpack for the battery carriage fits any body size.

The padded straps and the ergonomic shape make it really comfortable to use.

Detail of the shears holster.

It is also possible to recharge the battery without taking it off the backpack.

Focus on the Bayonet Joint shears to wires.

Product Features
GT 30
Recommended for orchards:
Recommended for olive grove:
Recommended for vineyard:
Pruner configuration:
Manual shears
Secateurs weight:
840 gr
Battery weight:
1000 gr
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Rated output (W):
370 w
Power supply:
Battery powered
Battery type:
24 V
Battery indicator:
5 Ah
Battery quantity:
Battery quantity:
Running time:
10 h
Recharge time:
240 min
Manufacturing Country:
Cutting data
Max branch cutting diameter:
35 mm
Attachable to poles:
Blade openings:
Nr. of Cutting Functions:
Gradual Cut:
Ergonomic backpack:
Shears holder holster:
Lace for the cable fixing to the arm:
Lithium battery:
Shears inner frame:
Rubber-coated soft grip:
Electronic unit separated from the shears:
Separated from the shears
Free gifts/extra features
Lubricant spray for blades:
Replacement blade:
Sharpening Stone:
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
50x43x14 cm (small suitcase)
Net weight:
2.3 Kg
Small suitcase
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
45x18x52 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
5 Kg
Assembly time:

Gifts provided on standard kit

Shears will be shipped in their original package.

It is provided with a practical and sturdy suit case.

Kit is very worthy and includes:

  • Ergonomic backpack
  • 5 Ah Lithium polymenr battery
  • Battery charger
  • Replacement blade
  • Blade sharpener
  • Instructions
  • Lubricant spray for blades
  • Allen wrench