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AgriEuro Series Turbo Compressed air Pneumatic Olive Leaf Remover - with Pre-filtering Grid

Operating mode
Compressed air
Speed levels
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AgriEuro olive leaf remover

The AgriEuro Series Turbo pneumatic leaf remover is a convenient and practical tool for separating leaves from the olive harvest.

Especially suitable for small and medium olive farming activities.
The operation of the leaf remover is easy and efficient and takes advantage from the ventilation produced by the compressed air-driven fan to quickly clean the olive harvest from any type of unnecessary material like leaves and other impurities.
Machine suitable for cleaning different type of harvest, such as olives, almonds, beans, chickpeas, broad beans, corn etc.
The wheels and handles for moving make this machine very versatile and easy to transport.

The galvanizing prevents this product from rust, making this product always new and functional.

The innovative compressed air version is ideal for those who already have an air compressor or engine-driven compressor available.

Moreover, having no need of electric power allows you to carry out the defoliating process directly on the field, greatly reducing the load and number of transports required.

In addition, the leaf remover is equipped with a convenient grid for pre-filtering which speeds up the operation by previously removing coarser twigs and leaves.

This grid can be raised or removed if you don’t want to use or clean it.

Main features

The machine is equipped with a pre-filtering grid which ensures a first filtering for larger parts. This grid is removable for greater cleaning convenience.

The front support, near the air exit, is adjustable and allows you to adjust the power of the blow.

Even the olives flow is adjustable by means the opening placed directly on the hopper.

The olives, perfectly divided from debris and impurities, automatically come out from the bottom of the machine.

The structure of the leaf remover is entirely made of galvanized steel.

Openable grid

The pre-filtering grid of this AgriEuro leaf remover is openable for allowing an easy cleaning.

The frame that contains the grid can rise up in upright position, which allows any residue left after filtering the olives to be dropped down. Then, it can be returned to a horizontal position to resume working.

The grid, clamped between two guides, can be removed from its housing with a simple gesture for a more thorough cleaning.


This AgriEuro leaf remover is operated by compressed air. The fan is driven by an extremely heavy-duty and powerful compressed air motor Made in Germany.

This model meets the needs of those who, having already an motor-driven air compressor, wants to take advantage of the compressed air also for cleaning up the olives.

Additional features

Other Features:

  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Handles for transport
  • Grid for first cleaning process
  • Galvanized steel wheels
Product Features
11-S Zincato
Body material:
Zinc-Plated Steel
Speed levels:
Operating mode:
Compressed air

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The machine is shipped in its original packaging on a pallet.

It is shipped already assembled, simply screw the handles and front slide