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After-sales Assistance

After-Sales Assistance

More than 70 technicians of various nationalities with different specialisations:

  • 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines

  • diesel engines

  • gearboxes and transmissions

  • cutting systems

  • electric motors and electrical components

  • electronics and circuit boards

  • pumps and hydraulics

We quickly and efficiently manage over 300 daily requests for technical assistance and repairs, solving all kinds of problems.

The customer can open an assistance ticket directly from the personal account, asking for after-sales assistance.


In our in-house workshop of 1000 m², a team of 12 repairers divide their work according to the different machines categories: gardening machinery, agricultural machinery, kitchen equipment, petrol engines, diesel engines, gearboxes and transmissions, electronics.

Average repair management time of 4-5 working days from product return.

Spare parts warehouse

more than 80000 codes managed in the 3000 m² warehouse and an average of over 600 spare parts shipped to customers every day.

Each individual machine model sold has its own exploded view and an ordered list of all spare parts with their prices.

The exploded view of the machine can be easily viewed in your account where you can select and add the spare parts to the shopping cart, then complete the purchase with electronic payment.