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Abac B5900B 270 CT5,5 - Professional Three-phase Belt-driven Air Compressor - 270 L

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ID: K604203

EAN: 9993089404795

MPN: 4116019770

Abac B5900B 270 CT5,5 - Professional Three-phase Belt-driven Air Compressor - 270 L
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2 guns with container2 guns with container
2 compressor guns2 compressor guns
Extension hoseExtension hose
Universal adaptors kitUniversal adaptors kit
ABAC compressor maintenance kitABAC compressor maintenance kit
no. 8 compressor connectionsno. 8 compressor connections
Air compressor tank
270 L
Max. operating pressure
11 bar
Air intake flow
653 L/min
Cylinder head rpm
1400 RPM
Cooling manifold
Pump type
Motor type
Nominal power
5.5 HP
Operating mode
Three-phase 400 V
Transmission type
Manufacturing country
Product Features
B5900B/270 CT5.5
Air compressor type 2:
Air compressor type:
Operating mode:
Three-phase 400 V
Max. operating pressure:
11 bar
Number of tanks:
Air compressor tank:
270 L
Noise level:
97 dB(A)
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Nominal power:
5.5 HP
Air compressors engine speed:
Power supply:
400 V electric
Pump data
Pump brand:
Air intake flow:
653 L/min
Pump type:
No. of cylinders:
Cooling manifold:
Cylinders material:
Cast iron
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Cylinder head rpm:
1400 RPM
Transmission protective cover:
Protection shield conveying air on the pump unit
No. of outlet couplings:
Pressure regulator with condensate filter:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
157.5x68x115 cm
Net weight:
170 Kg
Original packaging
Assembly time:
15 minutes
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ABAC B5900B 270 CT 5.5 Air Compressor

This air compressor belongs to Abac's 'PRO' line of compressors.
This line represents the 'high' end of the ABAC range, making it its flagship. Compressors with an outstanding care for details, and equipped with the best range of ABAC production head units.

Electric belt-driven air compressor. This solution offers numerous advantages compared to a direct transmission. Primarily, it allows the pump head to maintain a low rotational speed, decisively increasing the life of the pump head by reducing wear. In addition, a low-speed pumping unit also allows a significant reduction in operating temperature and noise.

This type of compressor is particularly suitable for intensive use at professional and industrial levels.

ABAC Compressor - B5900B 270 CT5.5
Short summary:
B = Head type "two-stage”
5900 = ABAC head "B5900 series" (with air cooling manifold)
B = Air cooling manifold
270 = Tank size
C = Wheeled
T = Electric motor "three-phase"
5.5 = Motor power in horse power

Technical features

Tank: 270 L

Maximum pressure: 11 Bar

High-performing electric motor: 5.5 hp

High-quality induction motor, not brushes like smaller coaxial compressors

Power supply: 400 V

ABAC B5900B series head

Two-stage pumper

Air output capacity: 653 L/min

Pumping unit: 2 Cylinders

Pump type: oil-lubricated

Finned air cooling manifold on the side of the cylinder head

Noise level: 97 dB

Cylinder head rpm: 1400 rpm
The degree of professionalism and more generally the life of the compressor is largely determined by the number of revolutions per minute of the cylinder head.
The lower the number of revolutions, the longer the life of the compressor will be.

Speed reduction is achieved by means of pulleys of different diameters applied to the engine and cylinder head respectively.

The design of the belt guard improves the flow of cooling air over the pump unit and prevents accidental contact with moving parts

Controls and additional features

Pressure switch that allows the tank to be recharged automatically.
When the pressure drops below a certain limit, it switches the engine back on to recharge the tank.

Equipped with:

single on/off button
brass safety valve gauge
displaying air pressure level inside the tank

Knob-type pressure regulator with pressure gauge that can be adjusted at the outlet

Practical front handle
Double outlet for dual use

This solution allows two accessories to be used simultaneously with the same compressor

Dimensions: L x W x H 1575 x 680 x 1150 mm

Weight 170 Kg

Pivoting front wheels with brake
Equipped with sturdy wheels for easy transport
Bleeder valve located underneath

Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY: GeoTech accessories kit for air compressors

This extensive air compressor accessory kit includes:

- Tire inflating gun with
integrated pressure gauge

- Wash gun

- Air blow gun

- Air brushing gun

- Fittings for inflation ideal for inflating camping equipment and/or balloons.

This kit includes

-10 mt professional straight rubber braided hose.

1° GIFT: Abac air compressor maintenance kit

The maintenance kit for Abac air compressors includes:

  • Replacement air filter for the cylinder head
  • Replacement drive belt
  • Air compressor spare/replacing female output joint
  • Air compressor spare/replacing male output joint (replaceable on equipment with bayonet cap) or usable as spare joint

  • Quick joint to convert all the machineries fitted with standard bayonet cap. It allows easily connecting the units to hoses with female quick joint.

  • Quick joint for converting the female output joint supplied on the air compressor into the traditional bayonet cap (also allows the use of the standard hoses with bayonet system)

  • Repair/Junction fitting for Ø 8 hoses
  • Repair/Junction fitting for Ø 10 hoses
  • Lower tank discharge valve replacement air compressor
  • Teflon roll, ideal for the main maintenance operations

2° GIFT: 1 L "COMPRIX" oil bottle

1 L "COMPRIX” oil bottle, professional oil specifically designed for air compressor cylinder heads. Very useful for oil refill and first oil replacement (the air compressor is shipped already filled with oil).

Standard equipment

Instructions manual included inside the package. It is shipped inside its original packaging.

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