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ABAC A29B 100 CM2 single-phase professional belt driven air compressor - 100 L

Compressor tank
100 l
Max. operating pressure
10 bar
Air displacement
255 L/min
Pump unit revolutions per minute
1075 RPM
Cooling down side collector
Pump type
Motor type
Rated output
2 HP
Transmission type
Manufacturing Country
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ABAC mod. A29B 100 CM2 single-phase belt driven compressor - PRO Series

The ABAC A29B 100 CM2 compressor stands as a reference for those demanding hobbyists and professionals who are looking for a reliable, performing and long lasting machine.

The ABAC compressed air represents the history of the Italian compressed air and today it boasts as many as 16 offices distributed throughtout the world. It proposes a wide range of piston compressors for the professional, industrial and DIY market.

It offers solutions for the treatment of plug and play air with the quality brand with products that are always reliable and ready for use.

It mounts a 2 HP engine with 10 bar maximum operating pressure. It features 255 L/min air displacement.

It can be moved around thanks to the wheels and comfortable handle.

Weight: kg 56

This compressor belongs to the line of ABAC "PRO" compressors.

It represents the highest level of the ABAC range paying a special attention to any single detail and it is equipped with the best pump unit by ABAC.

ABAC - A29B 100 CM2 compressor
In short:
A = "single-stage" pump unit type
29 = "series 29" ABAC pump unit
B = Cooling manifold
100 = Tank capacity expressed in litres
C = wheeled
M = single-phase engine
2 = HP

Compressor maintenance kit included.

Technical features

Air displacement: 255 L/min

Pump type: belt driven

Litres of suctioned air: 255 L/min

Pressure: 10 bar

Power of electric engine: 2 HP

Tank: 100 L


- Length: 1010 mm

- Width: 410 mm

- Height: 900 mm

Weight: 56 kg

Single-phase 2 HP induction engine

Power supply: 230 V

Power: 2 HP

The induction engine features a very long lasting (it is almost eternal) and needs a very low maintenance.

The engine has no brushes, the main component subject to wear in electric engines. This is why this engine features a very long lifespan.

It can be considered the best in his category thanks to its reliability, silence, long lasting, energy efficiency and maintenance.


ABAC compressor pump unit

Air displacement: 255 L/min
Pump unit type: twin-cylinder with cast iron cylinders
Suction type: single-stage
Lubrication: oil
Revolutions: 1075 rpm

The quantity of revolutions per minute of the pump unit determines the high level of professionalism and the long lifespan of the machine.

The lower the number of revolutions, the longer the compressor will last over the long term. The reduciton of the quantity of revolutions is obtained through pulleys of different diameter respectively applied to engine and pump unit.

Focus on the window for oil check.

Belt transmission

The belt trasmission is an outstanding feature of the ABAC compressors.

The use of the belt, combined with an induction engine, contributes to the long lasting in time of this compressor, so drastically reducing the number of revolutions of the pump unit, increasing the lifespan and reducing the wear.

Belt and transmission are protected against possible external objects that could damage them during the operations. Moreover, it enables to always have the belt condition under control.


The A29B 100 CM2 compressor controls are really easy and user-friendly:

General switch

Pressure gauge

Female outlet fittings of the compressor

Pressure regulating knob

Other features

Schuko plug

Ergonomic handle

Large plastic wheels

Front wheel

Safety valve

Product Features
A29B/100 CM2
Compressor types:
Electric 230 V
Max. operating pressure:
10 bar
Number of tanks:
Compressor tank:
100 l
Noise level:
93 dB(A)/7m
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Rated output:
2 HP
Rotation speed of compressor engine:
Power supply:
220V power supply
Pump data
Pump brand:
Air displacement:
255 L/min
Pump type:
Number of cylinders:
Cooling down side collector:
Cylinders' material:
Cast iron
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Pump unit revolutions per minute:
1075 RPM
Belt protection shield:
Protection shield conveying air on the pump unit
Number of exits:
Pressure regulator with condensate steam filter:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
101x41.5x90 cm
Net weight:
56 Kg
Original packaging
Assembly time:
5 minutes

Free items: ABAC air compressor maintenance kit.

The ABAC compressor maintenance kit includes:
  • 1 "COMPRIX" oil bottle (1 L). High-quality oil specifically created for compressor pump units. Perfect for oil refill and first oil replacement (the compressor is provided with oil)
  • Spare air filter for the pump unit
  • Spare belt

Free items: air compressor maintenance kit

The compressor maintenance kit includes:

  • Quick female spare outlet connection for compressor
  • Quick male spare outlet connection (can be replaced on other equipments with bayonet connection)

  • Quick connection for the transformation of all equipments equipped with typical bayonet connection. In this way they can be connected to the pipes fitted with quick female connection.
  • Quick connection for the transformation of the supplied quick female connection into the traditional bayonet fitting
  • Reparation/connection fitting for pipes Ø 8

  • Reparation/connection fitting for pipes Ø 10

  • Spare lower exhaust valve of the compressor tank

  • Teflon roll usefuel for the main maintenance operations

Gifts and standard equipment

The air compressor will be shipped in its original packaging.

Instructions manual included in the package.