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Electric Gravity Meat Slicers with 25 cm blade

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AgriEuro provides in this category a range of gravity meat slicers featuring 250 mm blade diameter. They are medium-sized machines suitable for domestic use with the exception of Celme meat slicers belonging to the TOP, GPE and FAP series which are known to be professional machines.
The slicing machines provided in this category are suitable for most uses.

The category also includes RGV Lusso and Olimpia meat slicers that are all equipped with 25 cm blade and they represent the best solution in terms of solidity, design and functionality. The RGV Lusso and Olimpia home slicing machines stand out for their high-quality materials as for the ventilated motor, which allows reducing the machine heating by making it more silent, the cutting cylinder resting on a double bearing and all the surfaces in contact with food fully made of steel with an anodic overlay oxidation in order to obtain a cleaned and anti-corrosive product.

Thus, two machines of Energy series of products, particularly known for their solidity and sturdiness as well as their finishing, available in the red version, which contributes to its elegance.
Finally, the CELME range of meat slicers, Italian leading company in the manufacturing of heavy-duty machines featuring Family, FA, GPE, FAP and TOP series that have been specifically intended for domestic use and they stand out for the quality materials and design. Indeed, they are electric gravity meat slicers, renowned to be extremely sturdy and solid machines thanks to the material chosen for the machine body and for all the components in contact with food that are all made of die-cast aluminium. Both the chrome-steel blade and the high-quality materials make it a meat slicer of higher levels.
The GPE, FAP and TOP machines manufactured by Celme stand out among all the others because we are dealing with meat slicers with CE professional certification. Thus, the TOP series is equipped with a stainless steel blade of 25 cm diameter, which allows using the slicer for intensive and professional use. The use of anodized aluminium for the construction represents a fundamental advantage since it is considered the greatest material for this kind of machines, which ensures longer durability and higher corrosion resistance compared to all the other materials used. The Celme producer is also a further ensurance since it is responsible for the manufacturing of fully made-in-Italy heavy-duty CE meat slicers.

The gravity slicing machines provided in this category are ideal for home use and professional use (as regards for the GPE, FAP, TOP meat slicers). They have been specifically designed for cutting meats, vegetables and cheese as well and they have been intended for most of the uses.
All the meat slicers provided by our catalogue featuring CE professional certifications are recommended for restaurants, butcher and cured meats shops, bars and hotels.
All you need for Kitchen work and food processing . A range of over 23 Meat Slicers with 250 mm blade at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2021 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 202,03 € up to 533,44 €
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