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Medius Deluxe Refractory Wood-Fired Ovens

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Medius Deluxe Built-in Series

Built-in refractory wood-fired ovens from Deluxe series are top range of this category. "Medius" type includes medium-sized ovens, featuring a 45 cm width of the cooking chamber, regardless from depth, which can be 60 or 80 cm.

The features that make these refractory wood-fired ovens top models of their range are many: the new full venting system, lateral and upper refractory floors, double internal light, top-quality construction materials and removable panels for cleaning.

The full venting system allows hot air to be circulated throughout the cooking chamber, filling it completely. This is achieved through a cavity separating the chamber from the rest of the oven. Air is pushed in and exits through the vents on the inner panels of the chamber, allowing it to reach any point for more homogeneous cooking.

Another peculiarity of these ovens is the total absence of weldings - which cause steel to gradually lose its stainlessness - and the interlocking structure that allows, without using any tools, to remove the panels inside the cooking chamber for cleaning.

The materials used for this refractory wood-fired oven are another element that make it one of the best products on the market. The roof and side panels are made of stainless steel, the doors of cast iron and the remaining parts are painted in copper paint, which makes this product aethetically pleasing and particularly resistant over time.

The stainless steel finishing between the combustion and cooking chamber protects the paint from high temperatures. In the upper part of the combustion chamber there is an extractor hood, useful when opening the door so as not to receive heat on the face and to protect the oven paint. The square cooking chamber is made by optimizing spaces and has 3 cooking floors. This series is suitable for 20/40 servings.

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