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Gas Heaters with electric start

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The gas heaters offered in this category are the standard machines powered by butane-propane gas and operated by an electric start, which allows possible connection to an overheat thermostat, responsible for the temperature adjustment by turning the power off once reached the desired room temperature. The range of Master hot air generators provided by AgriEuro are higly efficient devices suitable for heating up large-sized areas and rooms in the most economical way. They are also known to be easily operated by simply connecting them to a butane-propane gas cylinders to immediately make them suitable for warming cold rooms that are difficult to heat up by standard heating systems. This range of gas heaters are the ideal machines intended for the heating of workshops, construction sites, greenhouses, garages, farms and tents. All the models consist of a fan to spread heat, while the machine external housing remains cool to the touch thanks to the double chamber in order to allow the operator to move the machine safely. All the models consist of a quick and safe piezoelectric start by means of an on/off switch button. The gas heaters provided by our catalogue are renowned for their easy maintenance and use. Indeed, these machines just require to be connected to a power outlet in order to get the ideal power for powering the machine fan. Thus, it is possible to select different power levels available as that one provided by the smallest-sized hot air generator rated at 30 kW up to the most powerful model rated at 70 kW power output.
All you need for Transportation, construction works, repairs and DIY activities . A range of over 5 Gas Heaters with electric start at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2020 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 265,72 € up to 427,70 €
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