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  • Air Compressors
    • FIAC Direct drive air compressors 25,20 lt
    • FIAC single-phase air compressors, belt drive
    • Portable air compressors FIAC and Black&Decker
    • Belt driven FIAC, AIRMEC three-phase compressors
    • Accessories for air comrpessors
    • ABAC 25, 50, 90lt direct drive air compressors
    • ABAC single-phase air compressors
    • Portable ABAC mini air compressors
    • Belt driven ABAC three-phase air compressors
    • Single and three-phase Silent compressors
  • Bone bandsaw
  • Cold pressure washers
    • Comet pressure washers
    • Lavor pressure washers
    • Annovi & Reverberi pressure washers
    • Karcher pressure washers
    • Wall fixed pressure washers
    • Pressure washer Accessories
    • Three-phase professional pressure washers
    • Petrol pressure washers
    • Telescopic pressure washer lances
    • Pressure washer detergents
  • Electric secateurs
  • Flail mowers
    • Heavy-duty flail mower with hydraulic side shift
    • Heavy-duty flail mowers for tractor with fixed linkage
    • Medium size tractor flail mowers - hydraulic side shift
    • Medium/light size tractor mounted flail mowers
    • Medium size tractor flail mower - fixed linkage
    • Flail mowers for compact tractors
    • Tiller flail mowers
    • Hydraulic top links for tractor
  • Floor Scrubber Dryers
    • Lavor Sprinter Scrubber Dryer
    • Lavor Quick Scrubber dryer
    • TSM Grande Brio 35 Scrubber Dryer
    • TSM Grande Brio 45 Scrubber dryer
    • TSM Grande Brio 55 Scrubber dryer
    • Hoover FL700 floor cleaner
    • Steam cleaners
  • Garden Shredders
    • Electric Garden Shredders
    • Electric Chipper Shredders Professional Line
    • Petrol Chipper Shredders
    • Petrol Garden Shredders Professional Line
    • Petrol Shredders - Honda Engine
    • Tractor PTO Chipper Shredders
    • Tiller Chipper Shredder (for rototillers)
    • Wood pellet machines
  • Grape destemmers and crushers
    • Hand-operated grape crushers
    • Grape crusher-destemmers with supporting frame
    • Electric destemmers with pump
    • Crusher-destemmers with pump
  • Grinding mills
    • Hobby electric grain milling machine
    • Professional electric cereal grinding machines
    • Electric maize-shellers
  • Hot pressure washers
    • Domestic hot water pressure washers
    • Semi-professional hot pressure washers
    • Professional single-phase hot water pressure washers
    • Professional three-phase hot water pressure washers
    • Accessories for pressure washers
    • Detergent for pressure washers
  • Knapsack sprayers
    • Electric knapsack sprayers
    • Trolley battery powered sprayers
    • Knapsack/trolley sprayer pumps
    • Spark ignition engine trolley sprayers
    • Spark ignition engine knapsack sprayers
  • Lawn Mowers
    • Push petrol lawn mowers
    • Lightweight self propelled petrol lawn mowers
    • Large self propelled petrol lawn mowers
    • Aluminium deck petrol lawn mowers
    • Professional lawn mower with stainless steel deck
    • Swivel wheel lawn mowers
    • Petrol mulching lawn mowers
    • 4x4 Lawn mowers
    • Electric start petrol lawn mower
    • Electric lawn mowers
    • Cordless lawn mowers
  • Lawn scarifiers & rakers
    • Electric scarifiers / lawn rakers
    • Petrol scarifiers / lawn rakers
    • Heavy-duty scarifiers with free-swinging blades
    • Plug aerators for tractors
  • Log Splitters
    • Hobby horizontal electric Log Splitters
    • Vertical electric for hobby purposes Log Splitters
    • Hydraulic single-phase Log Splitters
    • Professional three-phase Log Splitters
    • Petrol Log Splitters
    • Log splitters for tractor (no pump, with hoses)
    • Vertical tractor Log Splitters
    • Horizontal tractor mounted Log Splitters
  • Mist Blowers
    • Knapsack mist blowers
    • Mist Blowers
  • Mounted Sprayers
    • Orchard Sprayers
    • Orchard Sprayers Accessories
    • Boom Sprayers
    • Tractor mounted weed killing sprayer's pumps
    • Weed killing booms
    • Tractor mounted orchard sprayer's pumps
    • Mist Blowers
  • Olive harvesters
    • Electric olive harvesters with double "comb" movement
    • Electric olive harvesters with sideways motion
    • Electric olive harvesters with rotary motion
    • Electric olive harvesters with double elliptical motion
    • Pneumatic olive harvesters
    • Generators, battery chargers and batteries
    • Olive catching nets and crates
  • Post hole borers
    • GeoTech petrol post hole borers
    • Post hole borers powered by Kawasaki
    • Post hole borers with Honda engine
    • Heavy-duty post hole borers with reverse gear
    • Electric earth augers
  • Ride on Mowers
    • Collecting lawn tractors
    • Side discharge lawn tractors
    • Small sit-on lawn mowers
    • Small ride on mowers with side discharge
    • Front cut ride on mowers with side discharge
    • Zero turn radius ride on mowers
    • All terrain mowers
    • Trailers, ramps and many other trailed accessories
      • Dump carts
      • Plug aerators and scarifiers
      • Fertilizer spreader
      • Sprayers
      • Leaf sweepers, collectors,deflectors
      • Snow blades, snow blowers, chains and stabilizing masses
      • Lifters for maintenance operations
      • Tow-behind tamping rollers
      • Aluminium loading ramps
      • Tractor covers
  • Rotary tillers
    • Compact tractor rotary tillers - lightweight, fixed linkage -
    • Compact tractor rotovators - lightweight manual moving -
    • Medium tractor rotovators - mechanical side shift
    • Medium-big size rotary tillers - fixed linkage
  • Snow blowers
    • McCulloch snow blowers
    • GeoTech snow blowers
    • Ama snow blowers
    • Alpina - Stiga snow blowers
    • Snow blower attachment with power unit
    • Two-wheeled snow ploughs
    • Electric snow blowers
    • Aluminum loading ramps
  • Spiral dough kneaders
    • Medium and small dough kneaders
    • Professional single-phase dough kneaders
    • Professional three-phase dough kneaders
    • 2-speed three-phase dough kneaders
    • Colored small dough kneaders
  • Spraying pumps
    • Electric motor pumps for spraying treatments
    • Petrol engine driven hydraulic pumps
    • Cart electric motor pumps for sprayers
    • Cart spark ignition engine pumps for sprayers
    • Tank wheelbarrow engine pumps
    • self propelled spray wheelbarrow pumps
    • Spot sprayer pumps with tanks
    • Orchard sprayers Accessories best price sale
    • Tractor mounted pumps for crop sprayers
    • Tractor mounted weed killing sprayer's pumps
  • Sulphur dusters
    • Tractor mounted sulphur dusters
    • Knapsack sulphur dusters
  • Tracked power barrows
    • AgriEuro tracked barrows with extendable skip
    • AgriEuro pedestrian tracked dumpers
    • GeoTech tracked barrows with extendable skip
    • GeoTech pedestrian tracked dumpers
    • AMA tracked power barrows with extendable skip
    • AMA pedestrian tracked dumpers
    • Powered wheelbarrows
    • Aluminum loading ramps
  • Transfer pumps
    • Bronze transfer pumps
    • Transfer pumps made of corrosion-resistant alloy
    • Oil transfer pumps made of corrosion-resistant alloy
    • Gear pumps for oil transferring
    • 12 V and 24 V battery-powered transfer pumps
    • Bronze transfer pump with by-pass valve
    • Pump for transferring hot liquids
    • Transfer pump with steel mesh filter
    • Pump with dispensing nozzle and flow metres
  • Vacuum food sealers
    • PVC Food vacuum sealers
    • Aluminum Food Vacuum Sealers
    • Stainless Steel Food Vacuum Sealers
    • Professional Stainless Steel Food Vacuum Sealers
    • Stainless steel vacuum packaging machines
    • Embossed bags
    • Accessories
  • Wine filters
    • Wine sheets filters
    • Oil sheets filters
    • Heavy-duty wine filters with support
    • High-quality oil filters with support
    • Heavy-duty 40x40 cm stainless steel sheets filters
    • Rover filter sheets (20x10) with holes - Pulcino Series
    • Rover 20x20 cm standard filter sheets
    • AgriEuro 20x20 cm standard filter sheets
    • AgriEuro 40x40 cm filter sheets
  • Wine presses
    • Wine presses with 1 speed
    • Wine presses with 2 speeds
    • Hydraulic wine presses
  • Wood fired ovens
    • Minimus outdoor Line
    • Medius outdoor Line
    • Medius Deluxe outdoor Line
    • Magnus Deluxe outdoor Line
    • Maximus Deluxe outdoor Line
    • Cibus Line
    • Minimus built in Line
    • Medius built in Line
    • Medius Deluxe built in Line
    • Magnus Deluxe built in Line
    • Maximus Deluxe built in Line
  • Wood pellet machines
  • _more products


RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL (in accordance to the UE directive 2011/83/UE)

If a Customer is an end Customer (this means a natural person, who buys for private use, not showing on the order form sent to AgriEuro.co.uk any VAT number) he/she has the right to withdraw from purchase, if this have been stipulate and ended in the distance, for any reason, without giving any explanation and without any penalty.
This right is applicable to the full product purchased within the same order. It is not possible to recede from one part only of the goods purchased in the same business deal. The right of withdrawal is referred to the full order and refunds the full amount paid, delivery costs included.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer will need to send a communication within 14 days from delivery, showing his intention to withdraw.

Purchased products must be delivered to us in the same conditions they have been received, that means they must be returned with their original packages in their entirely, all components included, as integral part of the product, such as manuals, accessories, parts, keys etc.. Do not fail to put everything inside the package.
Customer is the only responsible for any money value decrease deriving from handling the product differently from their proper nature, features and operation.
If a product has been used by you, it is subject to depreciation as when it is put back on sale it will have a "used product" status. This means its money value will be decreased. The same if the original packaging is missing or damaged to the point that a new one must be purchased from the vendor.
To limit damages to the original package we suggest, when necessary, to put the product into a second box, in order to avoid labels, adhesive tape on the product's original package that may damage it.

Customer must return goods at his/her his charge to our Logistic Department, by means of his own courier, within 14 days since the day of the withdrawal communication. The return freight expenses are at Customer's charge.
Goods are under his/her responsibility until their arrival to our warehouse. We suggest you to take out insurance of the shipment relevant to theft, loss or transport damages. This means we will not take any responsibility about the product's travel back to our warehouse. In alternative, Customer can also ask us for a quotation if he prefers we manage the product's travel back to our warehouse.

By 14 days since the product is received, we'll refund the Customer of the full order's amount, using the same payment method preferred by the Customer.


AGRIEURO can recede from the sales agreement within 30 days since the order date giving the Customer a written communication of the recess reason.

a) In the impossibility to ship the order as it is not available even if the not availability is temporarily of the product ordered.
b) For extraordinary reasons that make impossible to accomplish the business deal in the normal forecasted conditions and procedures.

In this event Customer will be refunded of the full amount paid in the same business deal.